Preliminary Persuasive Speech

Adaptation  Plan

adapted from  Communicate! (Verderber, et al.)


NOTE: This assignment  is NOT the same thing as a speech outline. Just follow the directions as written for the Adaptation Plan.



* Use p.435 ( variations exist in other editions). Complete bulleted items 1-5 within the "Sample Speech Plan and Outline" section

*See pp. 435, 14th ed. Mindtap location  is in Chapter 17. Positioned just after figure 17.3. See the "Sample Adaptation Plan for the Cyberbullying Speech"

*Apply questions 1-5 for your chosen Persuasive topic

- Complete all 5 bullets: items 1-5 - within the "Sample Speech Plan and Outline" section.  Sample is also listed below*




If  using the 13th edition, refer to  Adaptation Plan]: p.  409 [top of page] 



If  using the 12th edition, refer to  =  p.465} - "Speech Assignment: Communicate on your feet" Item 4 (5 bullets only)  




*Adaptation Plan used by Adam Parish  for speech on Cyberbullying

  1. 1 - Assess the Target Audience's  initial attitude and background knowledge: My audience is composed of traditional-aged college students with varying majors and classes. Most are from middle-class backgrounds. The initial attitude about bullying for most will be to agree with me already that it’s a bad thing. So I will try to get them to take action. My perception is that my audience knows about cyber-bullying but not the nuances of it.

  2. 2 - Organizational framework (aka "Persuasive Speech Patterns") : I will organize my speech using a problem-cause-solution framework because my audience already agrees that bullying is bad but may not know what they can and should do to help stop it.

  3. 3 - Arguments (logos): I will demonstrate what widespread (breadth) and harmful (depth of effects) cyber-bullying is and why it persists (causes). Once I’ve convinced my audience, I will propose solutions that must be taken and cite specifically what we must do to help stop this horrible practice.

  4. 4 - Building competence, credibility, and good character (ethos): I will use credible sources to support my claims and cite them using oral footnotes. I will also offer personal stories to create goodwill  [ & establish my background in the area .]

  5. 5 - Creating and maintaining interest (pathos): I will involve my audience by appealing to several emotions, including guilt, sadness, relief, hope, and compassion.