All essays go through a process of drafting. All final drafts must be accompanied by all previous drafts and by a metatext at the end.  Essays will not be accepted without previous drafts and metatexts. All essays will be typed and double- spaced, following MLA format (see Bedford Handbook, page 119).  Late essays will not be accepted.  All drafts should be e-mailed to me two hours before class starts.  Extensions may sometimes be granted IF you speak to me (not e-mail) me at least a day in advance of the due date.

First Days

Essay I:   Exploratory Essay on Education:  What's Worth Knowing? (2 drafts)

Essay II:   Analytic Essay on Morality:  Review of One Essay (2 drafts)
Essay III:   Analytic Essay:  Image
Essay IV:   Persuasive Essay:
Essay V:  
Research Essay:

Corrections Symbols
Most abbreviations I use can be looked up in "Corrections Symbols," the next-to-last page in The Bedford Handbook.  Other abbreviations used in responding to essay are as follows:
ap = apostrophe            ref  = unclear reference  
cs  = comma splice        SC = combine sentences  
p  = punctuation             SS  = sentence structure
   = create paragraph    wc = word choice