Essay 5:  The Research Essay
Issues of Diversity

Essay Requirements

Day 32
Final draft of Essay 4, with metatext.  Printout plus submission in Learning Space.  Read King essay, using SQ3R technique.  (See A Reader's Guide, pp. 126-131.)  Write an elegant summary that captures the complexity of the argument in less than 100 words (unless you're exempt).  Write a response to King's position (about 250 words). Continuation of practice reading selections and questions.  Discussion of requirements for Essay 5.  Discussion of possible essay topics.  Discussion of Robert King essay, especially to think about the effectiveness of his argument and to think about the larger issues about how we deal with diversity.
Thanksgiving Break.  Although I will not require this of you, it would be in your best interests to get the essay reading assignments under your belt before next week starts.  
Day 33
Read Sullivan (350).  Write a summary based upon your underlining of key points, and write a response.  (Consider, in your response, answering the title question.)  Get a head start on the Kleege essay (389); it's wonderful but it's long (20 pages).   Virtual library tour.  Discussion of Sullivan. 
Day 34
Read Turkle (442).  Write a summary in which you include the key concepts in her essay and write a response to her main idea(s).  Have a research question to use in the library.  Go to the reference desk of the library, NOT to class. Presentations on Turkle or research?
Day 35
Read Kleege (389).  Write a response.  Research question due, with at least two sources. Presentation on Kleege?  How to evaluate sources on the internet.
Day 36
Notes from three sources plus tentative thesis (answer to research question) and outline of argument. In-class work on developing thesis from sources and on organizing the research essay.  Mini-lecture on concepts.
Day 37
Introduction and first page or two of Essay 5.  Notice how authors in Presence used sources (especially Bishop 237 and King 409).  Revision of Turkle summary (unless you got a check plus on the first summary), including major concepts. In-class work on first pages of Essay 5 and use of sources.
Day 38
First draft of Essay 5, with metatext, in Learning Space. Full-class and Learning Space peer-response work on essays.  Practice reading test.
Day 39
Read short piece in preparation for in-class essay Thursday.  Portfolio due (may hand in as late as Friday, 12/15, 9:00 a.m., in my mailbox). Editing work on Essay 5.  Practice essay?
Day 40
Final draft of Essay 5, with metatext.  Printout plus submission in Learning Space.   Post-test in reading.  In-class essay.  Course evaluation.