Essay 3:  Analytic Essay #2
The Power of the Image

Essay Requirements

Day 17
Final draft of Essay 2, with metatext.  Printout plus submission in Learning Space. Begin Essay 3 with exercise on the connection between context and meaning regarding image.
Day 18
Read the Stephens essay (473). Identify the parts of the essay and label them. Do not write a summary. We'll do that in class. However, do write your own response to any of the questions that Stephens raises (250 words). Review process of summarizing by focusing on Stephens text.  Discuss ideas on image and language in Stephens essay.  Start Churchill essay in class.
Day 19
Read the Churchill essay (497).  Follow "A Method for Underlining" (A Reader's Guide, p. 133).  Identify the parts and label them in the book.  Write a summary that shows the relationship between the parts.  Write a response to the essay (at least 250 words), either as a double-entry journal or focused freewrite.  Bring in a cultural image that resonates deeply with you (think about those posters you have on your dorm walls). Discuss Churchill essay, paying special attention his analysis of images and how he uses that analysis.  Begin analysis of your image.
Day 20
Read the Watts essay (575).  Write an analysis of your cultural image (at least 250 words) Respond to analyses of cultural image in order to come up questions for Essay 3.
Day 21
Read the Gates essay (532) and write summary and response.  Review your class notes, image analysis, and reading responses and search for the places you begin to wonder about something.  Do informal writing to lead to a main idea and a tentative essay plan. Put this writing, idea, and plan in Learning Space under Essay 3 Plan.   Discuss Gates.  Share ideas and plans for Essay 3 and work towards first draft due Thursday.
Day 22
First draft of Essay 3, with metatext.  Before entering into Learning Space, try out the technique for making your essay "flow" that we used on Cristian's essay.  Please set up an appointment to see me about Essay 3 and your progress to date. Pizza day! (Really, this time.)  Peer response to essays.  Editing work.
Day 23
Mid-term portfolio.  I must receive this on the day it's due or it won't be graded (it will be scored by outside reader's Friday afternoon). Editing work, continued.  Mid-term course evaluation
Day 24
Final draft of Essay 3, with new metatext.  Printout plus submission in Learning Space. Begin Essay 4.