All essays go through a process of drafting. All final drafts must be accompanied by all previous drafts and by a metatext at the end.  Essays will not be accepted without previous drafts and metatexts. All essays will be typed and double- spaced, following MLA format (see Bedford Handbook, page 119).  Late essays will not be accepted.  All drafts should be e-mailed to me two hours before class starts.  Extensions may sometimes be granted IF you speak to me (not e-mail) me at least a day in advance of the due date.

Essay I: History of self as a writer (2 drafts)

Essay II: Story about self, or someone you know, related to gender in any way. (Read essays in story unit of Speculations and respond to them as readers and writers.) (2 drafts)
Essay III:  Write about an idea arising from the class's Essay II stories. (Start reading essays in gender unit of Speculations and summarize and respond to them as readers and writers.) (3 drafts)
Essay IV:  Read essays on gender in Speculations and pick one to critique in light of class's Essay IIIs and, optionally, one or two Internet sources. (3 drafts)
Essay V:
Read essays on gender and take a position on gender that arises out of all this summer's stories and readings on gender.  (Use at least two sources plus your own experience and observations.)  (3 drafts)

Most abbreviations I use can be looked up in "Corrections Symbols," the next-to-last page in The Bedford Handbook.  Other abbreviations used in responding to essay are as follows:
ap = apostrophe            ref  = unclear reference  
cs  = comma splice        SC = combine sentences  
p  = punctuation             SS  = sentence structure
   = create paragraph    wc = word choice