Cancer Biology (Biol 6369)

Lecture 1: Cancer Introduction and Overview
Lecture 2: Tumor Growth and Angiogenesis
Lecture 3: Tumor Invasion and Metastasis
Lecture 4: Carcinogenesis and the Molecular Basis of Cancer
Exam I  
Lecture 5: Cancer Therapeutics I
Lecture 6: Cancer Therapeutics II
Lecture 7: Multidrug Resistance
Exam II  
Lecture 8: Oncogenes
Lecture 9: Tumor Suppressor Genes
  Student Presentations
  Final Exam
  On-line only: Future Directions in Cancer Research

Students are expected to attend all lectures. In addition, there will be selected invited lectures that will be presented in conjunction with Biology Graduate Seminars. The materials presented in these lectures will also be included on the tests. If a lecture or test is canceled due to inclement weather, that lecture material or test will be given at the next scheduled lecture period.

Grading Policy:
The performance of the students will be based on 3 written exams. The format of the exams will consist of both short and long essay questions, in addition to analysis of experimental designs and data interpretation. All exams are cumulative. Make-up exams will only be given if the student has a valid, serious excuse. Students are also required to prepare a research report on a selected topic in cancer research, and give a 10-15 minute presentation on this proposal, followed by a 3-5 minute discussion.
The distribution of points will be as follows:

Exam I: 25%
Exam II: 25%
Final Exam: 35%
Student Presentation: 15%
Total 100%

Students’ grades may be obtained in the instructor’s office.

A student must attain:
90% or more to attain an A
85-89% for a B+
80-84% for a B
75-79% for a C+
70-74% for a C
A grade of less than 70% will result in failure.

Course Bibliography:
Required Text:
The Biological Basis of Cancer, 2nd Ed., McKinnell et al., (Eds), Cambridge University Press, 1998.

Selected articles from scientific publications, including Science, Nature, J. of Biological Chemistry, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, J. of Virology, J. of Immunology, J. of Neuroimmunology, etc., will be included as reading assignments.
The information in both text and assigned readings will be included on the tests.

The above information may be subject to change.

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