Dr. Sulie Lin Chang is the chairperson of the Biology Department as well as a member of the Biology faculty at Seton Hall University. She received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from
Ohio State University in 1984. She did her post-doctoral research project at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Bethesda, Maryland. In 1987, she took a research faculty position at Tulane University Medical School. In 1990, Dr. Chang joined the Department of Physiology at Lousiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans. In 1994, she joined the Department of Biology as an Assistant Professor at Seton Hall University. In 1998, Dr. Chang was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure and in 2002 she was promoted to the rank of Full Professor.

Since Dr. Chang is the principal investigator of an NIH-funded research project awarded to Seton Hall University since she joined Seton Hall in January 1994. The diversity of Dr. Chang's teaching experience is one of the greatest advantages of her academic career. Through techniques that Dr. Chang learned in the "Writing Across the Curriculum Workshop" offered by the Department of English, she has been able to incorporate innovative writing strategies into her teaching to promote students’ understanding, retention, and integration of both academic course material and research methodologies. With the aid of information technology (IT) as an extension to the traditional lecture style of teaching, Dr. Chang's classroom has been transformed into a multi-channel teaching facility which enhances the learning process. Dr. Chang has also developed an "on-line" course entitled "Signal Transduction" in the hopes of attracting students who may have difficulty attending only face-to-face courses.

In addition, the "mentoring" of student projects in Dr. Chang’s research laboratory is a process by which she can walk with her students every step of the way, showing them how to deal with the "ins and outs" of experimental design, advising them through the publication process, and even counseling them in their intellectual life. Because Biology is an empirical discipline where hands-on bench activities are as critical as classroom lectures, if not more so, Dr. Chang has opened her laboratory to both graduate and undergraduate Seton Hall students, and to students from other campuses, including Purdue, Penn State, Dartmouth, RPI at Troy, New York, and Robert Woods Johnson Medical School. Dr. Chang has tried to be a role model to her students to show them that discipline, responsibility, and hard work are equally necessary for a professional career, and to prepare them to face competition and challenges of the "real" world after they leave her lab.

Dr. Chang provides her students the opportunity to present their research results at both national and international scientific meetings, and she recognizes their efforts by giving them authorship on papers published in prestigious scientific journals. In addition, she has also provided a summer stipend to honor undergraduate students so that they could work on their research projects during their summer vacations. By doing so, Dr. Chang has been able to promote her students, the Biology Department, and Seton Hall University in the scientific community. Dr. Chang has been able to share this laboratory teaching philosophy with her Biology colleagues and have received their support in return.