Deirdre Yates


I. TEXT - PUBLIC SPEAKING, Osborn/Osborn  Available in campus bookstore. Required.

II. Each member of the class is expected to arrive on time and to participate fully in all of the exercises as well as in the class discussions which follow them. Constitutes 15% of the grade.


A. Speech of Introduction - 5%

B. Demonstration speech - 20%

C. Information speech - 20%

D. Persuasion speech - 20%

E. Speech Outlines & Quizzes - 10%

All presentation dates are approximate and dependent upon class progress.


A. The above mentioned requirements. Your grade on the presentations is based on your preparation, fulfillment of the assignment parameters and skill improvement throughout the course.
B. Final exam - constitutes 10% of your grade.
C. The Department of Communication Policy requires Oral Communication students to attend all Theatre-in-the-Round productions that semester.
D. Attendance - Inasmuch as this class is based on communication skills, your presence in this class is absolutely necessary. Absence from a technique class such as this for even one session invalidates the progressive development of your work. YOU CANNOT MAKE UP WORK in this type of situation. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BE ABSENT. Unexcused absences will affect your grade. Please consider the following before you choose to stay with the course:

Department of Communication Policy on Academic Honesty:

"Cheating and plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated in any Communication course, and will be dealt with severely. Cheating on a test will result in an automatic failure for that test. Students suspected of cheating may be required to take a re-test at the sole discretion of the instructor. Plagiarism of papers, assignments or projects will result in a failure for that grade or for the course at the discretion of the instructor. Repeated cheating and/or plagiarism may result in expulsion from the Department of Communication at the recommendation of a faculty member and after Department review. (See "Academic Integrity" in the Undergraduate Bulletin.)"

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Deirdre Yates