Deirdre Yates


TEXT: On Directing by Harold Clurman - Required. Available in campus bookstore.

This course is designed to study the elements, techniques and skills of directing for the stage.

REQUIREMENTS: Grade is based upon successful completion of the following:

25 pts. A. Project I - A complete analysis of a realistic play (typed) including:

  1. Theme
  2. Text analysis
  3. Stage business
  4. Blocking
  5. Directorial concept
  6. Rehearsal schedule
  7. Set and light concept

25 pts. B. Project II - Direction of a realistic scene.
25 pts. C. Final exam - written exam analyzing a play.
25 pts. D. Attendance at both T-I-T-R productions and 2- three page typed analyses on the direction in each.
25 pts. E. Class attendance and Participation including in-class exercises, discussions and small assignments.

*Attendance Policy: Inasmuch as this class is based on learned skills, your presence is absolutely necessary. Absence from a technique class such as this for even one session invalidates the progressive development of your work. YOU CANNOT MAKE UP WORK in this type of situation.YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BE ABSENT. Unexcused absences will affect your grade. Please consider the following before you choose to stay with the course:


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Deirdre Yates