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OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this class is to guide each student in a process of acting leading to spontaneous life and interaction. This is to be accomplished by each student exploring his/her potential self through in-class exercises. A discovery of oneself in possible situations and encounters will enable each student to engage in "scenes" with fellow class members in which action will dictate results. The class is based on ensemble work and support and is not product oriented, but rather process focused It is expected that each student will participate in class exercises, evaluations and discussions and will arrive on time, fully prepared (through "homework") to engage openly in class activities.

YOUR FINAL GRADE will be based on the following:

A. Performance projects - two 2-person scenes assigned by the instructor, performed in class for a mid-term and final grade. Scenes involving two people require a firm commitment by both parties for outside of class rehearsals. In your enrollment in this course, it is to be understood that you are accepting this responsibility. In missing rehearsals, you are not only hurting your own work, but that of your partner and it is unfair to remain in this course if you are not willing to commit to this requirement.

B. Script analysis of the second scene

C. Production Attendance - Each student is required to attend both Main Stage shows in the semester and one Lunchtime performance.

D. Evaluations of attended productions - three pages typed each.

E. Auditions - For audition experience, each class member must audition for a Main Stage show and a Lunchtime one-act.

F. Attendance - Inasmuch as this class is based on performance skills, your presence in this class is absolutely necessary. Absence from a technique class such as this for even one session invalidates the progressive development of your work. YOU CANNOT MAKE UP WORK in this type of situation. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BE ABSENT. Unexcused absences will affect your grade. Please consider the following before you choose to stay with the course:

REQUIRED TEXT: The Actor's Scenebook Michael Schulman

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Deirdre Yates