Deirdre Yates


Recommended Text: IMPROVISATION FOR THE THEATRE by Viola Spolin


A. In-Class Participation: this course is an inter-active performance course. We will be exploring children's theatre through exercises and rehearsals in class. Each member of the class is expected to devote their full energy to the development of a work as a member of an ensemble group. It is mandatory that you recognize this participation before you decide to stay with the course as you cannot pass the course without it. - 20 pts

B. Production Attendance - We will be attending several professional children's theatre productions in the area. A cooperative effort is required in order to complete the field trip segment of the course as the productions may not be at class times and will not be on campus. - 20 pts

C. Written Analyses - A three-page typed paper on each children's production attended.- 20 pts

D. Oral Interpretation - 2 presentations of children's literature. - 20 pts

E. Final Project - Performance of a production worked on throughout the semester for the shelter children of CHEER. (We will be working closely with the CHEER program - an outreach of DOVE - here on campus which requires a certain commitment to outside availability.) - 20 pts

100 pts Possible = A

F. Attendance - Inasmuch as this class is based on learned skills, your presence is absolutely necessary. Absence from a technique class such as this for even one session invalidates the progressive development of your work. YOU CANNOT MAKE UP WORK in this type of situation. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BE ABSENT. Unexcused absences will affect your grade. Please consider the following before you choose to stay with the course:

Office FH 11  Ph. 973-275-2191

Deirdre Yates