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MATH1411/1511 - Syllabus

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Grading Procedure

Counting towards your final grade will be quizzes (approx. one per week), 3 exams, one Final, and Maple computer assignments that count as much as an exam.

Homework will be assigned but not collected - but it is strongly recommended that you do complete these assignments - you will find those problems in the quizzes and the exams.

Attendance and Honor Code

Computer Assignments

There will be several computer assignments that you have to complete on your own unless otherwise specified. The assignments will use the computer algebra packages Maple. Please make sure that Maple version 12 (version 11 is ok) is installed and working on your laptop computer. If you do not have a laptop, you can use the Math/CS Computer Lab upstairs or rent a laptop at TLTC for 4-hour periods.

Material Covered

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