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CSAS 1111EE - Intro to Computer Science (EE)

This is a new class, providing an introduction to computer science with special emphasis on application, particularly computer applications in the sciences. We will learn how to create "good" computer programs, including some programs with a graphical user interface. We will try to use examples that have some relevance to biology, chemistry, physics, or mathematics whenever possible. Your suggestions are particularly welcome since it is a new class under development.

Class Times:  MW 10:00 - 11:15 in CH 65 and F 10:00 - 10:50 in CH 62

Office Hours: Mon and Wed from 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Text Book

Contact Info

Office Location: AS 231

Phone Number: 275-2065

Email Address: wachsmut@shu.edu

Web Address: pirate.shu.edu/~wachsmut/


Counting towards your final grade will be quizzes (approx. one per week), two exams, one cumulative final exam, and computer assignments. Homework will be assigned but not collected. It is strongly recommended that you do complete the homework assignments as you will find them in the quizzes and exams. 

Your final grade will be calculated as follows:

2 exams: 200 points
Quiz average: 50 points (*)
Computer work: 200 points
Final exam: 150 points

(*) The two worst quiz scores will be dropped automatically


You are expected to attend every class. No make-ups of quizzes and exams are given except in special circumstances. Your worst two quiz scores will be automatically dropped. You must complete all assignments and exams in the allocated time period. You are expected to complete all quizzes, exams, and the computer assignments solely on your own unless it is specifically indicated that you can work together. The standard policy of the College of Arts and Sciences about plagiarism and cheating is in effect.

You are expected to regularly monitor the homepage for this class, which you can find at http://pirate.shu.edu/~wachsmut/Teaching/CSAS1111EE

Computer Assignments

There will be several computer assignments that you have to complete on your own unless otherwise specified.. The assignments are to be written in the C++ programming language. You can access a C++ compiler either on a Unix machine (a special account will be provided) or using Microsoft Visual C++ version 6 (an installation CD will be provided).

Material Covered

Compiling, Loading, and Executing Programs; Data Types; Assignments and Arithmetic; Basic Program Control; Output and Constants; Functions, Methods, and Parameters; Arrays, Classes and Objects; Encapsulation, Overloading, and Inheritance; Interfaces and Polymorphism; Searching and Sorting; Sequential Data Structures; File IO; Error and Exception Handling; GUI Programming; Program Design


Bert G. Wachsmut
Last modified: 09/06/00