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CSAS 1111EE: Intro to CS I
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Topics covered:  First Semester: Compiling, Loading, and Executing Programs; Data Types; Assignments and Arithmetic; Basic Program Control; Output and Constants; Functions, Methods, and Parameters; Arrays, Classes and Objects; Second Semester: Encapsulation, Overloading, and Inheritance; Interfaces and Polymorphism; Searching and Sorting; Sequential Data Structures; File IO; Error and Exception Handling; GUI Programming; Program Design

Note: This course is especially designed for students of the sciences. It uses the programming language C++.

Practice final available: click here
Practice final + keys available: click here

Class meets:  
MW 1:00-2:15, A&S 107
F 2:00-2:50, A&S 107

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Practice Exams

Final Exam (w/o answers)
Final Exam (with answers)
Exam 1 with Answers

Notes and Resources

C++ Cheat Sheet
C++ Samples (not updated)


A6: Thanksgiving Asgn.
A4: Arrays with Header Files
A3: Motion in One Dimension
A2: Sums of Integers
A1: Temperature Conversion

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