Transcript of Chat Session on Oct 6, 2003

For easy reference, my lines are formatted in bold (not because they are more important, but to put some structure in all this typing). Also, there are two additional documents referenced in the chat. For easy access, click here to review how to use Notepad to create a simple HTML document, and click here to find out how to login to your (temporary) FrontPage account so that you can transfer files from your computer to your web account, and to edit your documents directly on the "server".

We will go over this again on Wed, but to be sure the homework is to create a life web page (easy or complex) by next Monday.

Session started at 4:00pm ...

*wachsmut* => Hi - anybody there yet?
[Nammoufa] => hey
*wachsmut* => Hi, can you "hear" me? If so, type some text in the "input" area and hit "send" or press RETURN after you are done typing.
*wachsmut* => Hi Mercees
[Masciala] => I can hear fine
[lueckmer] => Hello Professor
*wachsmut* => Hi Student(s) ...
*wachsmut* => Looks like you are early .... let's wait a little for everyone else to join, then we'll get going.
[lueckmer] => ok
*wachsmut* => Mercedes, are you in our lab?
[Masciala] => Dang computer
[lueckmer] => no i'm in my dorm room
*wachsmut* => Hi - another visitor
[NaMmOuFa] => YOO what up
[NaMmOuFa] => its fares
[Masciala] => Yo
[lueckmer] => hey hey
[NaMmOuFa] => i dont know who everyone is
*wachsmut* => Let wait until a few minutes past 4, then we'll get started (it's now 3:57 on my watch)..
*wachsmut* => Now's the time to get coffee (or water) and get comfortable .... -:)
[lueckmer] => haha
[lueckmer] => ur coffee fix
[NaMmOuFa] => ya
*wachsmut* => Hi,
[keesleva] => hi all
*wachsmut* => good to see you Vanessa.
[NaMmOuFa] => so what are we going to do
[keesleva] => thank you
*wachsmut* => Let's wait a few more minutes, maybe some more people will join -
*wachsmut* => there should be 5 more guys coming (I hope, at least).
[lueckmer] => maybe they forgot that today was the day for this
[Masciala] => Extra credit for the people that came early
[lueckmer] => yeah i agree with that
[suzie] => hi guys
*wachsmut* => Alright,one more - hi suzie
[suzie] => what we have to do today
[lueckmer] => hi
*wachsmut* => We are still waiting ...
[suzie] => oh ok
[suzie] => hows everybody doing today
*wachsmut* => it's 4:00 on my watch, so let's wait until 4:03 - sorry, waiting is boring.
[suzie] => ok
*wachsmut* => but feel free to "converse" amongst yourself for now - just stop when I say so -:)
[suzie] => oh ok
[Masciala] => a/s\
*wachsmut* => Right on - another one.
*wachsmut* => Who is "Angle" ?????
[suzie] => i don't know
*wachsmut* => sorry, angel ...
[Masciala] => Might be the wrong room?
*wachsmut* => Alright, we got 7 out of 9 people (counting angel), so I guess we'll start ....
*wachsmut* => First, welcome everyone (please reply briefly)
*wachsmut* => Hi, everyone.
[lueckmer] => hi
[willjaco] => hey
[keesleva] => hi
[suzie] => hi
[angel] => hi
[jefferge] => hi
[Masciala] => hi hi
*wachsmut* => Great - or good enough ...
[NaMmOuFa] => hey
*wachsmut* => Perfect.
*wachsmut* => I thought we jump ahead a little in our syllabus,
*wachsmut* => and learn how to create a web page.
*wachsmut* => We really should do "networks" first,
[suzie] => ok
*wachsmut* => but making a web page is a great job for our online class today.
*wachsmut* => So,
*wachsmut* => first I explain a little bit, then you get to practice, then more explanation,
[lueckmer] => i already have a web page
[Masciala] => So do I
*wachsmut* => and so on.
[suzie] => no me
[Masciala] => Can we work on the pages we already have?
[suzie] => not*
*wachsmut* => If you already have a web page, that's great .... but
*wachsmut* => let's pretend everyone does not have one yet, and we'll start from scratch.
[suzie] => thats good
[NaMmOuFa] => cool cool
[jefferge] => nice
*wachsmut* => If you have one already, you'll have two soon -:)
[NaMmOuFa] => nice
*wachsmut* => Alright, what is a web page:
[NaMmOuFa] => should we take notes
[NaMmOuFa] => ??
[jefferge] => no
*wachsmut* => As for notes
[NaMmOuFa] => HA
*wachsmut* => I will provide a transcript of this session when we are done.
[NaMmOuFa] => cool cool
[keesleva] => yay
[willjaco] => excellent
[lueckmer] => ok
*wachsmut* => So, a web page is a simple collection of plain "text"
[suzie] => so we don't have to take notes...right
[NaMmOuFa] => right
[Masciala] => Nice nice
*wachsmut* => together with formatting tags called HTML tags.
[angel] => yay
*wachsmut* => HTML stands for - anyone knows?
[jefferge] => no
[suzie] => no
[angel] => hypertext markup language
[jefferge] => but i use them
*wachsmut* => Right - good
*wachsmut* => HyperText Markup Langauge = HTML
[suzie] => wow angel...u smart
[angel] => thanks
[NaMmOuFa] => who is angel
*wachsmut* => To create a web page, you need a simple text editor program,
*wachsmut* => plus knowledge about these HTML formatting tags.
*wachsmut* => So, I will ask everyone to start a simple text editor in a second ...
[Masciala] => ok
*wachsmut* => then we'll learn about HTML formatting tags ....
*wachsmut* => First, does everyone know a simple text editor program?
[suzie] => ok
[NaMmOuFa] => like notepad??
[Masciala] => Notepad?
[angel] => word?
*wachsmut* => Right - Notepad is better than Word in this case.
[jefferge] => ok
*wachsmut* => Word creates "formatted documents already,
[suzie] => ok
*wachsmut* => while Notepad creates just the plain text you type.
[angel] => ok
*wachsmut* => That's what we will need.
*wachsmut* => So, wait before I say GO ...
*wachsmut* => When I say "GO" please start Notepad.
[lueckmer] => ok
[suzie] => where is that?
*wachsmut* => Once Notepad is up and running, make sure you can switch back to this page.
[angel] => under accessories on the windows menu
*wachsmut* => Sorry, to this chat window.
*wachsmut* => To start Notepad,
[suzie] => i can't find it
*wachsmut* => click on START (wait until I am finished) ...
*wachsmut* => then select "RUN"
*wachsmut* => and then type "notepad" and hit OK
*wachsmut* => Alright, everyone start Notepad, leave the program open, and return to this chat page.
*wachsmut* => When you are back, say something (like "hi")
*wachsmut* => GO
[willjaco] => ready
[angel] => back
[NaMmOuFa] => yo
[jefferge] => k
[keesleva] => ok
[lueckmer] => ok
[Masciala] => ok
*wachsmut* => Perfect. Everyone should have two programs running now, at the least.
[suzie] => im not there because my computer is running slow
*wachsmut* => Next, I will bring up a third program on your screen.
*wachsmut* => Sorry ... not yet.
*wachsmut* => I want you to switch to Notepad (when I say GO) and enter the following text in notepad:
*wachsmut* => "Welcome to my web page"
*wachsmut* => NEW LINE (PRESS RETURN)
*wachsmut* => "This is my first attempt to create a web page"
*wachsmut* => GO - and say something when you are back here.
[suzie] => hi
[angel] => done
[NaMmOuFa] => yo
[Masciala] => back
[gem] => back
[willjaco] => ok
[lueckmer] => done
[NaMmOuFa] => do u want the quotes to
[NaMmOuFa] => or no
*wachsmut* => Perfect ....
*wachsmut* => No quotes, but it does not really matter -you'll see.
[keesleva] => ok
*wachsmut* => Next (please wait until I say GO) we need to save the document .... but wait, please ....
*wachsmut* => To save, you select, of course, "File | Save As" ... BUT
*wachsmut* => make sure you save your document on the Desktop ... and
*wachsmut* => make sure you name your document "index.html" (exactly like this, but no quotes).
*wachsmut* => Also
*wachsmut* => make sure the "File type" shows "All Files", not "Text Files".
*wachsmut* => So,
*wachsmut* => save your doucment as "index.html" on the desktop.
*wachsmut* => GO and say something when you are back.
[willjaco] => ready
[angel] => back
[Masciala] => done
[suzie] => hi
[garciala] => sorry im late
[NaMmOuFa] => yo
[lueckmer] => back
*wachsmut* => no problem, Luis -
[gem] => back
[keesleva] => ok
[garciala] => thanks
*wachsmut* => just hang on, I'll guide you through everything soon. Just hang in there for now.
[suzie] => ok
*wachsmut* => Alright ....
*wachsmut* => Perfect!
*wachsmut* => Now you should have a file on your desktop named "index.html" - but DON'T click on it yet.
*wachsmut* => If you do, this chat room will close, probably ....
*wachsmut* => Instead ... and wait until I say GO
[suzie] => what should we do now
*wachsmut* => Click on your Internet Explorer web browser and select (wait for GO) ...
*wachsmut* => select "File | Open" .... then click on Browse.
*wachsmut* => SORRY WRONG!
*wachsmut* => Click on Internet Explorer, select "FILE | NEW | Windows" - that will
*wachsmut* => open a new browser window. In that window, click on FILE | OPEN, then BROWSE - then go to the desktop, find your file
| "index.html" and open it.
*wachsmut* => Still wait ...
*wachsmut* => If you are using the wrong IE window,
*wachsmut* => your chat room will close. Don't worry - when you see your web page, re-open the link to the chat room until you are back at the
| conversation.
*wachsmut* => Alright, repeat:
*wachsmut* => First, select FILE | NEW | Window
*wachsmut* => Then in that new web browser, select FILE | OPEN | BROWSE
*wachsmut* => and select the "index.html" file on your desktop.
*wachsmut* => GO and say something when you are back.
[angel] => back
[willjaco] => ready
[vanessa] => ok
[suzie] => nothing shows up
[NaMmOuFa] => yo
[gem] => ayo
[lueckmer] => ready
[suzie] => no
*wachsmut* => almost everyone back, a little longer.
[suzie] => we r not ready yet
*wachsmut* => I'll wait !
[angel] => larry's having some problems
[Masciala] => It won't open right
[suzie] => why the file is not open
*wachsmut* => Alright, let's take a count:
*wachsmut* => you should see something that you typed, but it should look "ugly" - all in one line.
*wachsmut* => Who sees something like that?
[lueckmer] => i do
[angel] => i do
[vanessa] => me
[NaMmOuFa] => ya
[Masciala] => I don't
[willjaco] => i as well
[suzie] => i don't
[Masciala] => It pops the text file back up
[suzie] => yea
[garciala] => im still here
*wachsmut* => Great - let's repeat the steps briefly.
*wachsmut* => So that Luis can follow along.
*wachsmut* => First, we have notepad open
*wachsmut* => (via START, RUN, type Notepad)
*wachsmut* => then we typed something in notepad, it really did not matter what we typed
[Masciala] => Got it
*wachsmut* => Then we saved our file as "index.html" on the desktop
*wachsmut* => Then we opened a new IE window, and selected FILE | OPEN | BROWSE to pick the file we created.
*wachsmut* => Let' check with Suzie, what do you see?
*wachsmut* => Suzie?
[suzie] => back
*wachsmut* => What do you see, Suzie? Anything
[suzie] => i see nothing
*wachsmut* => Nothing like a white page?
[suzie] => the file is not open
[suzie] => no
[lueckmer] => maybe she didn't change txt files to all files
[suzie] => maybe
*wachsmut* => Alright, Suzie, just wait, and I'll try to fix your problem in a second ....
*wachsmut* => well, in a minute.
[suzie] => ok
*wachsmut* => We do need to apply the HTML tags now, to do the formatting.
*wachsmut* => So ...
*wachsmut* => wait until I am done, please ...
*wachsmut* => you should still have Notepad open, and IE as well ...
*wachsmut* => You need to switch to Notepad (wait for GO) ...
*wachsmut* => and apply formatting tags, like this:
*wachsmut* => Your text says "Welcome to my homepage"
*wachsmut* => Put ANGULAR BRACKETS like this around your text, so that it reads:
[suzie] => sorry
*wachsmut* => <h1>Welcome to my homage</h1>
[suzie] => i got disconected
*wachsmut* => In other words,
*wachsmut* => put <h1> at the beginning of the first line,
*wachsmut* => and </h1> at the end of the first line.
*wachsmut* => That will mean that the text between these tags will appear as "headline, level 1".
[NaMmOuFa] => got it
*wachsmut* => After adding these tags, save your document in Notepad (File |Save)
[Masciala] => done
[garciala] => ok
[angel] => done
*wachsmut* => and reload it in your IE window.
[suzie] => ok
[garciala] => done
*wachsmut* => You should see your text, nice and big.
[NaMmOuFa] => it bolded it
[NaMmOuFa] => ya
[willjaco] => done
[vanessa] => ok
[lueckmer] => done
[Masciala] => yeah
*wachsmut* => Alright, looks like we're doing good so far.
[garciala] => ok
[gem] => ok
*wachsmut* => Most got something - Suzie, did you see something yet? how about Masciala?
[suzie] => yea
[Masciala] => Yeah
[Masciala] => Everything is peachy
*wachsmut* => Great!
*wachsmut* => Alright, but there is more ....
[suzie] => ok
*wachsmut* => Now you have a home page. To make it nicer,
*wachsmut* => you need to learn more HTML formatting tags. That's easy.
*wachsmut* => There are, for example, <B> and </B> to make stuff bold,
*wachsmut* => or <I> and </I> to make stuff italics, and so on.
*wachsmut* => But we have one principle problem:
*wachsmut* => your page is saved on your computer!
*wachsmut* => How can somebody else on the web read it?
*wachsmut* => Well, they can't !
[angel] => geocities
[Masciala] => I can upload it to my .com
*wachsmut* => Nobody can read files on your computer without direct access to your computer - hopefully!
*wachsmut* => So, you need to move the file "index.html" to a web server.
*wachsmut* => We'll dicuss "client/server" techniques in detail later, and some
*wachsmut* => of you probably already have a web server account.
*wachsmut* => To make sure everyone can participate, I have created a temporary
[suzie] => oh ok
*wachsmut* => web server account for everyone, and I want everyone to move their "index.html" file to that account.
*wachsmut* => Here is how:
*wachsmut* => For easy access I have created a FrontPage account for you, which means that you need
*wachsmut* => FrontPage to access the account.
[angel] => should we open frontpage?
*wachsmut* => To simplify, I have written up some instructions, and I iwll make them show up in one second.
*wachsmut* => When you see these instructions, please follow them carefully.
*wachsmut* => Then return to this chat window for more details.
[suzie] => ok
[Masciala] => ok
*wachsmut* => I will give you 10 minutes time for it,
[lueckmer] => ok
[garciala] => ok
[vanessa] => ok
*wachsmut* => right now it is 4:35 .... so I'll see you back at 4:45 .... instructions are coming soon.
*wachsmut* => If you have any questions,
*wachsmut* => ask me here - otherwise see you back in 10 mintues.
*wachsmut* => Here are the instructions ... [wachsmut shows URL: front_page.html]
[suzie] => professor
[lueckmer] => i didn't get themn
[suzie] => would u tell me one more time what to do
[lueckmer] => culd you please send me the instructions again
*wachsmut* => Look around on your desktop, but here it comes again ...
*wachsmut* => What should happen is that anothe window will open up -
*wachsmut* => make sure that IE is not currently maximized, or you won't see the new window.
*wachsmut* => here we go:
[lueckmer] => yeah my pop up blocker blocked it
[lueckmer] => i turned it off though
[Masciala] => Ok I wasn't asked for a username or pass
*wachsmut* => Hi Masciala, you should be asked for a username when you select "File | Open Web ...." - right ?
[gem] => its not workin for me
[Masciala] => I used the link
[suzie] => mine it did
[gem] => i got a page error
[Masciala] => And it didn't ask for a username/pass
[vanessa] => um it didnt ask me for one
[suzie] => ups, i got a page error
*wachsmut* => Masciala, did FrontPage open?
*wachsmut* => Do you see a list of folders when you click the "Folder" icon on the left?
[Masciala] => Got it
[suzie] => what should i do now cuz i have a page error
*wachsmut* => Great!
*wachsmut* => Suzie, is FrontPage open?
[suzie] => yea
*wachsmut* => Select "File | Open Web ..." - make sure to pick "Open Web", not just "Open" ....
[Masciala] => Ok all done
[gem] => send the website link again
[gem] => i closed it
*wachsmut* => Suzie:
*wachsmut* => after you selet "Open Web ...."
*wachsmut* => enter the URL
*wachsmut* =>
[suzie] => ok let me do it again
*wachsmut* => since "hoxhashp" is your Seton Hall user name (don't ask me why)
*wachsmut* => Finally, a window will pop up,
*wachsmut* => asking for your username.
[garciala] => I cant find my "index" file
*wachsmut* => Enter "hoxhashp" again, and the password is "seton2003", suzie.
[lueckmer] => ok i think i'm done
*wachsmut* => Luis, as long as you can open Frontpage and you see some folders, it's good enough.
[suzie] => it doesn't say to enter the password
[garciala] => got it
[vanessa] => mine is not connecting
[NaMmOuFa] => got it
[gem] => nothing is asking me for a username
[gem] => i get a page w/ folders
[suzie] => same as me
*wachsmut* => If you see page with folders, you're golden.
[NaMmOuFa] => i am GOLDEN baby
[NaMmOuFa] => yyyyyyyaaaaaaa
*wachsmut* => You should have been asked for a username, though, but I'll check it later.
[suzie] => hahahah NaMmOuFa
*wachsmut* => a few more minutes, then everyone should be back, for better or worse.
[gem] => ok
[vanessa] => mine wont work :-(
*wachsmut* => Alright, everyone here? Say "yes" even if it did not work correctly, we'll recap soon.
[angel] => ok
[garciala] => yea
[lueckmer] => when we r done we should see our file in the big folder thing on the right, correct?
[suzie] => mine wont work either
[NaMmOuFa] => yes
*wachsmut* => just a second - I just got a quick phone call ... give me one minute!
[suzie] => ok
[lueckmer] => haha same time everyday
[suzie] => take ur time
[gem] => yup
[NaMmOuFa] => oooo
[vanessa] => lol
[suzie] => hahahah
[suzie] => vanessa
[gem] => dont take time thats not cool
[suzie] => can u open ur file
[suzie] => oh come on gem
[NaMmOuFa] => you got an incoming call you got an incoming callyou got an incoming call\
[vanessa] => nope it wont work
[lueckmer] => haha
[suzie] => hahahhaha
[vanessa] => loll
[gem] => lol what im tired
[suzie] => same here
[suzie] => im sick
[suzie] => i got a cold
*wachsmut* => Alright, 10 more minutes, and we're done.
[suzie] => ok
[gem] => aiite
[willjaco] => grand
[suzie] => lets starts
*wachsmut* => Everybody collect themselves ... please....
*wachsmut* => Here's the recap:
*wachsmut* => With FrontPage you can create web pages easily,
*wachsmut* => and in addition they are saved not on your hard disk,
*wachsmut* => but directly on the web server.
*wachsmut* => For it to work you need an account with a user name and password.
*wachsmut* => You should have that, so from now on you could use FrontPage to create
*wachsmut* => your web pages.
*wachsmut* => But
*wachsmut* => no matter what you do in FrontPAge (it works like Word), what happens
*wachsmut* => when you save your file is that your text is saved, together with the correct
*wachsmut* => HTML formatting tags. Frontpage saves you the trouble to enter, for example,
[NaMmOuFa] => cool
*wachsmut* => <b>This is bold</b>
*wachsmut* => but instead you can select "this is bold" and click on the "B" in the toolbar.
*wachsmut* => That in turn inserts the formatting tags.
[NaMmOuFa] => whats my front page account
[NaMmOuFa] => did we just make one
[NaMmOuFa] => ??
*wachsmut* => Now, let's see if it worked for anyone, then we'll wrap up with the homework assignment (you can probably guess it already).
*wachsmut* => So, did anyone transfer their "index.html" file into their FrontPage account?
[willjaco] => yeah
[lueckmer] => yes i think i did
[vanessa] => no
[suzie] => no
[garciala] => yes
[Masciala] => yeah
[angel] => yea
[NaMmOuFa] => what we do just open it in frontpage
*wachsmut* => One person got it at least, let's look at some of the results. Please wait , don't touch anything, just watch ....
[NaMmOuFa] => or just save it
*wachsmut* => one moment ... [wachsmut shows URL:]

[suzie] => ok
*wachsmut* => Here is "willjaco" web page:
[suzie] => whos web is this
[lueckmer] => Dr. Wachsmuth...did mine wirk?
[lueckmer] => i'm not sure if i did it correctly
*wachsmut* => Here is Mercedes page [wachsmut shows URL:]
[suzie] => check mine
*wachsmut* => Let's check Suzie's ... just a second ...[wachsmut shows URL:]
[lueckmer] => ok good
[gem] => are we going to go over this in class?
[suzie] => mine is not working
*wachsmut* => For Suzie you'll only see some folders,
*wachsmut* => but no page yet.
[suzie] => yea
*wachsmut* => It's a start.
*wachsmut* => Here's the wrap-up for today - give me a couple of minutes
*wachsmut* => to summarize:
[suzie] => ok
*wachsmut* => First,
*wachsmut* => we created Notepad to make a simple web page
*wachsmut* => containing text + HTML formatting commands.
*wachsmut* => We saved that page to our own computer, as "index.html"
*wachsmut* => Then we opened FrontPage to (supposedly) connect to a "real"
*wachsmut* => web account on another sever.
*wachsmut* => Finally we moved the "index.html" from our computer to that web server.
*wachsmut* => Now our web page is accessible to everyone.
*wachsmut* => In theory.
*wachsmut* => Here is the homework:
*wachsmut* => I will post a transcript
[suzie] => ok
*wachsmut* => of our chat session in 5 minutes, together with some more
*wachsmut* => explanations.
[Masciala] => kay
*wachsmut* => Your homework will be
*wachsmut* => to create a "life" web page, using FrontPage to connect to your account as in the instructions.
*wachsmut* => Your page can be simple, or complex, it does not matter, but there has to be *something*.
*wachsmut* => We'll talk about more details on Wed.
[Masciala] => ok
*wachsmut* => If you were not successful, don't worry.
[lueckmer] => when is this homework due?
*wachsmut* => Give me 10 minutes, then go back to the web site for this class.
[NaMmOuFa] => what u mean a life pahe
[NaMmOuFa] => page
*wachsmut* => You will find the transcript + more explanations, then
*wachsmut* => you can review everything in detail and slowly.
*wachsmut* => I want everyone to have a web page by next week. We will answer more questions on Wed.
[lueckmer] => ok
[NaMmOuFa] => COol
[NaMmOuFa] => ok we are done then
*wachsmut* => so if this chat stuff did not work so well for you - we did a lot of switching around -
*wachsmut* => then we can do it quielty on Wed.
[lueckmer] => i like this chat stuff
*wachsmut* => Until then ....
[NaMmOuFa] => i like this too
[angel] => this was a good way to hold class
[vanessa] => same time wednesday in my warm room?
[garciala] => see ya
[lueckmer] => yeah
*wachsmut* => I hope you liked out "virtual class" and you got something
[NaMmOuFa] => we need more of this chat stuff
[suzie] => if we have problem doing the web, can we ask you Wenesday in class?
[NaMmOuFa] => cool later all
[lueckmer] => i like doing this from my room
*wachsmut* => out of it ... see you wed, check our web site
*wachsmut* => for the transcript.
[lueckmer] => ok bye
[angel] => we should do this all the time
[NaMmOuFa] => LATER
[gem] => lata
[suzie] => yea
*wachsmut* => Class is officially over - see you! Thanks for coming!
[Masciala] => later
[suzie] => we should
[willjaco] => see ya
[vanessa] => bye yall
[angel] => bye
[suzie] => b yee

... Session ended at 5:00pm.