Login with FrontPage

Microsoft FrontPage is a program that lets you create web pages much easier. Here is a quick overview.

Start FrontPage - there should be a short-cut on your desktop, or in your "Start" menu. If FrontPage asks your for a username and password, click "Cancel" for now.

Next, you need to login to your FrontPage web account on your web server. I have created such an account for everyone, so please use these instructions:

  1. Click "File | Open Web ..." (make sure you do not select "File | Open")
  2. Enter the following URL, exactly as shown: http://www.cs.shu.edu/username where "username" is your regular 8-letter Seton Hall username (email name). Then press Okay.
  3. You will be asked for a username and password. Your username is your regular 8-letter Seton Hall username (email) account. Your password is "seton2003", all in small letters. For example, if I was using FrontPage I would enter:


After a few seconds, you should be logged in.

Click on "Folders" on the left to see a list of your files and folder.

Finally, drag the file "index.html" that we have created previously into your FrontPage folders - into the main area on the right side, not inside any of the folders.

When you are done, return to the chat room. Or, return to the chat room if you have any questions.