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Simple Graphing Applet

Here is an example of the Simple Graph Applet in action. We can use it to graph and compare, for example, the following two functions:

f(x) = x sin(1/x)

f(x) = sin(x) / x

In other words, we can reuse the applet to handle all graphs of functions with on variable. Simple add it to a web page with the appropriate parameters, as in the following example:

<APPLET CODE="SimpleGraph.class" 
<PARAM NAME="function" 
       VALUE="if(x<0,sin(1/x),1-x^2)"> <PARAM NAME="xmin" VALUE="-1>" <PARAM NAME="xmax" VALUE="1>" <PARAM NAME="ymin" VALUE="-1.2>" <PARAM NAME="ymax" VALUE="2.2>" </APPLET> 

Click here for the source code ...


Bert G. Wachsmut
Last modified: 05/03/00