Here are some of the courses I regularly teach in the Philosophy
Department:  Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Medieval Philosophy,
Feminist Theories (required course in our newly created Women's Studies Program), Environmental Ethics (course in the Environmental Studies Program), and Existentialism in Literature (cross-listed with the English Department).
    My professional interests include feminist theories, political theory, ethics and applied ethics, philosophy of Augustine and the thought of Hannah Arendt.  I am currently at work on a collection of essays Feminist Interpretation of Augustine that will be published by Penn State Press.
New Honors Course
    Another new curriculum initiative I am undertaking is the creation of an area studies course on "Nature and Culture of the Hudson Valley."  I am working on this with Dr. Marian Glenn (Biology Dept.) and we are planning to offer it as a special course for Summer 1998 (the first session) under the aegis of the University Honors Program.

    Two exciting features of this course are especially noteworthy--the course will integrate information technology and on-site field work with classroom learning.  We are offering this course as part of the Virtual University project and are designing it to accommodate both in-class students as well as students (from other geographic locations) who want to take the course on-line.  Stay tuned for the latest developments.



    In addition to my research and teaching, I participate in a number of committees and organizations on campus and beyond:
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