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Educational Media Specialist Certification

The Program

The courses offered below are available as a sequence of study to meet the Educational Media Specialist certification requirements.  A master's degree, a standard New Jersey Teacher's Certificate in any field, and two years teaching experience are required as prerequisite to the issuing of the Educational Media Specialist Certificate.  Students receive New Jersey Certification as an Educational Media Specialist when degree is completed.  The candidates in this program are required to complete 36 credits selected from the following courses:

Foundations Courses

Required Course:            3 credits

EDST  6216  Electronic Research Technologies

Select two of the following:            6 credits

EDST  6337  Foundations of Contemporary Education
EDST  6344  Seminar: Social, Ethical, & Legal Issues in Technology
EDST  7310  Ethical Issues in School and Society
EDST  7312  Current Issues in School and Society
EDST  9301  History of Education in America
EDST  9304  Philosophic Perspectives in School and Society  

Concentration Courses

Required Courses:            15 credits

EDST  6301  Literature for Children and Adolescents
EDST  6307  Integrating Curriculum and Technology
EDST  6308  Organizing and Administering Educational Media Centers
EDST  6310  Practicum in Educational Media Services*
EDST  6315  Technical Processes for Educational Media Resources

  *Prior field experience in educational media may be accepted in lieu of this requirement.  Student must select another course if waived.

Select one of the following courses:                     3 credits

EDST  6210  Microcomputing I
EDST  6212  Microcomputing II
EDST  6213  Access Database Application Development  

Select three of the following courses:                     9 credits

EDST  6206  Software Evaluation
EDST  6212  Microcomputing II
EDST  6213  Access Database Application Development
EDST  6214  Webpage Technologies: Applications and Issues
EDST  6304  Production of Instructional Resources I
EDST  6305  Production of Instructional Resources II
EDST  6306  Instructional Systems Design
EDST  6314  Multimedia Technologies
EDST  6345  Distance Education:  Televised and Virtual  

PROGRAM TOTAL   36 credits
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