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Groin winter 2003

Winter 2003

Used cars were buried in the sand to create sand dunes in the 1930s & 1940s

Erosion created by a seawall in a 1992 Northeastern

Boardwalk pilings and severe winter storm erosion picture taken at low tide

Dune erosion

low tide after the storm

Sand covered the roads

sand pushed off the beach access covered streets and sidewalks

Formation of a new dune after the storm. Later removed by the homeowner

parking garage filled with sand trapping cars during the Dec 1992 storm

Damage of boardwalk in Spring Lake

Beach erosion

Boardwalk damage

Storm fences held some sand

Groin breached by the storm

Erosion behind a rock seawall

Classic erosion due to a series of groins in Cape May, NJ.

Breakwater built parallel to the beach in Santa Monica , CA causes sand to build up in a harbor and the down current beach to retreat

Formation of a Tombolo. Currrents deposit sand to form a bridge.

Longshore current - natural beach erosion.