BIOL 1202 lab study assignments and lab guidesheets

For each week's assigned lab work you must print a copy of the appropriate lab guidesheet(s), shown as links below.  You must bring the guidesheet(s) to lab; it contains the instructions you need to do the lab work.  Note that for some weeks' assigned work, there may be more than one guidesheet to print.

For week #9 in lab (Mon. March 26 - Fri. March 30)

Reminder: don't bring your laptop to the lab; print the guidesheet and bring that. There's too little space on the bench and too much opportunity for spill damage to laptops.

Study the guidesheet entitled "Chromatography, turbidimetry, t-test, and indirect measurement" and bring it to lab.  It's long, but much of it is explanatory background material that you need in order to understand the lab work. There are 4 topics in the guidesheet:

(a) Statistics (the t-test).  You'll learn the statistical test known as the t-test.

(b) Indirect measurement, accuracy, and precision.

(c) Turbidimetry.  The turbidimetry exercise shows another application of the Spectronic 20 colorimeter and more use of dilution methods.  Review the colorimeter's operation (how to standardize correctly, for example) if necessary and the dilution handout from week #1.  This work also plots logarithmic data.

(d) Introduction to chromatography.

Bring to lab:  the guidesheet; your calculator; graph paper (linear-linear) for plotting turbidimetry results