Sites: Links to AIDS Information

Where do you start? Finding your way through AIDS sites can be daunting. A page at the New York Academy of Medicine  site can provide a stationary point with a number of links to sites.

Here is a short list of sites that provide information on AIDS and HIV infection. Many of them provide links to additional sites to explore.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National AIDS Clearinghouse site, where you can retrieve an electronic version of the HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report at least a week before it is mailed out, as well as daily news, statistics and services for people with HIV. The AIDS Research Information Center, Inc. (ARIC) is a private, non-profit AIDS medical information service located in Baltimore, Maryland. ARIC serves People with HIV/AIDS and those who care for and love them. Their speciality is making complex medical information understandable to the average Person with HIV/AIDS. ARIC offers only current, medically accurate information on AIDS treatment and resarch in "plain English" to their clinets. Their mission is "Patient Empowerment Through Information."  ARIC operates an AIDS Medical Information Hotline and publishes ARIC's AIDS Medical Glossary and a quarterly newsletter, The Dirt On AIDS.

Many community organizations that have responded to the AIDS epidemic have also begun appearing on the Web. For example, go to the AIDS Quilt for information about the memorial and to participate in honoring the memory of those who have died from HIV infection.

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