Philip M. Kayal
Department of Sociology/Anthropology
973 275-5814

Resume: 1990-2005*
1970 Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology, Fordham University Graduate School
of Arts and Sciences: (Race/Ethnicity/Assimilation and the Sociology of Religion)
1966 Master of Arts Degree, Fordham University Graduate School of Arts
and Sciences. (Community and Assimilation)
1965 Bachelor of Science Degree Fordham College Major: Sociology
Minor: Philosophy
Graduate School: Three consecutive Teaching and Administrative Assistantships
College: Dean's List, l963-1964
Fordham University Grant-In-Aid
Risq. Haddad Foundation Scholarship
Professional Employment:
Seton Hall University
2004 - 2006 Director, Social and Behavioral Science Program
1992 - 2005 Professor of Sociology,
1992 - 2001 Chairperson, Sociology/Anthropology
1975 - 1992 Associate Professor of Sociology
1971 - 1974 Elected Department Chairperson
1970 - 1971 Assistant Professor of Sociology, Chair (appointed)
Notre Dame College of Staten Island, 1968 - 1970 Fulltime Instructor:
Richmond College, Spring, l969 Adjunct Instructor: Special course on Race and Ethnicity
Fordham University, 1966 - 1968 Summer School Faculty
Courses Developed, Introduced/Taught:
Racial and Ethnic Group Relations
Religion in American Society*
The Sociological Enterprise*
Social Change in Third World Cultures*
Sociology of Knowledge*
Sociology of Education*
Sociology of Aging*
Principles of Sociology
Social Problems
The Sociology of Religion*
Special Topics in Society (AIDS)
* Courses developed and introduced by this instructor alone.
1.3A Informational Conferences Attended:
2001 Columbia Univ. School of Internat'l and Public Affairs & Middle East Institute Con-
ference on "Mapping the Diverse Arab Communities of New York City." April 30th.


2001 - 2000 Museum of the City of NY. Conferences on "Diverse Arab Communities of
New York."
1997 AAHE Conference on College Teaching and Rewards, San Diego, Calif. January.
1996 AAHE Conference on Informational Technology, Phoenix, Arizona. August.
(Member TLTR).
2.1 College, Department, and University Committees:
2002 - 2005 Rank and Tenure Committee, College
2003 - 2005 Faculty Benefits Committee
2000 - 1999 Various TLTC committees
2005 - 1997 "Negotiating Rank and Tenure" CCT
1999 - 1998 Presidential Com. on Faculty Diversity
1998 - College Rank and Tenure
1998 - Bayley Project Facilitator
1998 - Sexual Harassment Committee
1998 - Community Standards Review Board
1997 - Provost Search Committee
1997 - 1996 Member of ACT and CAT
1997 - 1996 TLTR and "Virtual University Task Force"
1997 - 1996 College Rank and Tenure Committee
1996 - Chair, University Rank and Tenure Committe
1995 - University Rank and Tenure Committee
1995 - 1996 College Planning Committee
2.2A Seton Hall: Lectures, Talks, Consultations
2001-2005 Negotiating the Tenure Track
1999-1998 Participant in Freshman Academic Program
1999-1998 Discussant Multicultural Film Series.
1997-1996 Participant and Consultant in Teaching Learning and Technology
Roundtable at Seton Hall and at the AAHE conference in Phoenix
Arizona.: Member of the Taskforce on the establishment of SHU's
"virtual university."
2.2B Public Lectures
2005 "The Race Gap in School Achievement," So. Orange: The Community Coalition on Race." May 10th.
2000 Keynote Address @ World AIDS Day Conference "Volunteerism in AIDS.
Rutgers, 12/1.
2000 "The Early Arab Migration to New York," National Archives
and Records Administration, NYC, November 15th.
2000 "Changing Arab Identities: So, Who am I, Who are We," Museum of
the City of New York: Conference on "A Community of Many Worlds: Arab-
Americans in New York City. (February 5th).
2.2C Volunteerism, Community Groups
2001-1999 Curator, Exhibit: "A Comm. of Many Worlds: Arab-Americans in NYC."
Museum of the City of New York. 2001. Nov, 2001 opening.
2000-1997 Member, Board. of Trustees., Broadway House, Newark, New Jersey.
1999 Interview "Radio Documentary on Census" WBAI
1998 Community Planner for the Museum of the City of NY exhibit
"Celebrating 150 Years of Arab-American Life in NY.
3.2 Awards and Grants:
2001 Recognition reception at MCNYC, April 22nd @ "GMHC-20th year
Anniversary. Book Display: "Bearing Witness."
1998 "Outstanding Faculty Award," (9/16)
3.4 Manuscript Evaluations:
2001 Evaluated Manuscript: Arab-American Faces and Voices: 1880-1915
by Elizabeth Boosahda for possible publication by Westview Press.
2001 Evaluated Journal Article: (Spring) "You Meet So People Here:
Deciphering Volunteer Appraisal of Diversity and its Consequences."
for the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.
2000 Evaluated Journal Article: (Winter) "Becoming 'White:' Race,Religion and the
Foundations of Syrian/Lebanese Ethnicity in the United States."
for Journal of American Ethnicity.
2000 Evaluated Journal Articles: (Winter) "Philanthropy as a Tool for Changing
Attitudes Towards Gays and Lesbians: An Evaluation of the Gay and
Lesbian Fund for Colorado." Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.
1999 Evaluated Journal Article: (Fall) "Reciprocity and Depression in AIDS Caregiving."
Sociological Perspectives.
1998 Manuscript Rev: "Arab Detroit" Wayne State Univ.
1998 Evaluated Journal Article: (Fall) "Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Giving and Volunteering,"
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.
4.0 Publications
4.1 Books
Kayal, Philip and Virginia Jerro Gerbino
2003 A Taste of Syria. New York Hippocrene Press.
Kayal, Philip and Kathy Benson, editors
2002 A Community of Many Worlds: Arab Americans in New York City.
New York: Syracuse University Press.
Kayal, Philip M. editor.
1995 The Coming of the Arabic-speaking People to
America. New York: Center for Migration Studies.
Kayal, Philip M.
1993 Bearing Witness: Gay Men's Health Crisis and
the Politics of AIDS. Boulder: Westview Press.
Kayal, Philip, editor.
1978 Take Life from the Light that Never Fails: A Byzantine Christian Anthology. Melkite Eparchy: Newton, Massachusetts.


Kayal, Philip and Joseph Kayal
1975 The Syrian-Lebanese In America: A Study in Religion and Assimilation. Boston: Twayne.
4:2 Book Chapters
Kayal, Philip Kayal
2002 "Introduction and "So, Who are we, Who am I," in Kayal and Benson "A Community
Many Worlds: Arab Americans in New York City." Syracuse University Press, Pp.
XXI-XXVIII and Pp. 90-108 respectively.
4.3 Articles
4.3A Professional: Academic Journals and Texts
Kayal, Philip M.
2005 "Arab-America: Then and Now:" Quantara (Arab World Institute, Paris ) June.
2001 Invited and prepared two essays for the Encylopedia of New Jersey
on Eastern Christian Chuches in NJ and Middle Easterners in NJ.
1995 "Preface, Introduction, & Epilogue." In The Coming of the Arabic-
Speaking People to the United States (by Adele Younis). Edited by Philip Kayal.
New York: Center for Migration Studies, Pp. 1-11, 249-256.
1995 "A Bibliographic Guide To Arab-American Studies." In The Coming of
the Arabic-Speaking People to the United States (by Adele Younis). Edited by Philip
Kayal. New York: Center for Migration Studies,
4.3B Community (non-Academic) Publications
2004 "Myself the Elder:" Reflections on Gay Aging." White Crane Journal (under review)
1998 "Prayer in the Age of AIDS," White Crane. Winter, Pp. 14-15.
4.4 Book Reviews:
2001 The Lebanese in Ecuador; and The Armenians of Syracuse for the
International Migration Rev.
1996 A Gay Synagogue in New York. Moshe Shokeid (New York:
Columbia Universitiy Press). Reviewed in the American Journal of Sociology.
1995 Confronting AIDS Through Literature. Reviewed in Humanity and
Society. V. 18:4 (November).The International Migration Review. Vol. 4:3.
4.5 Professional Papers Read (Academic Conventions)
1997 "Who are Arab-Americans?" Georgetown Univ. Center for Contemporary Arab
Studies, (4/3).
5.0 Other Scholarly Activities
Hosted Arab Journalists at the Museum of the City of New York for the United States Department of State (Foreign Press Corps). August. 2002
Voice of America Interview, April 17th, 2003 on the social-demographic and historical background of Syrian Americans.
Research Consultant on "Outcome Assessment" of GMHC, New York University Graduate Students, November 15th 2002.
Consultant for Lucent Press on book proposal on Arab-American Immigration. 8/27/03
Consultant for ACCESS regarding Arab American National Museum in Detroit: 6/18/03
* A complete curriculum vita, spanning 35 years is available upon request.


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