This course is designed to introduce you to the basic concepts, theories, and approaches of management and its applications in the contemporary environment. This course will familiarize you with the roles, responsibilities and skills required of today's and tomorrow's managers. During the semester, you will learn three of the four major functions of modern managers: Planning, Organizing, and Controlling. [The fourth function, Leading, is covered in Organizational Behavior (BGMT2503)]. This course will emphasize the importance of developing international vision and managing with ethics and social responsibility.
Schermerhorn, J. Management for Productivity (4rd edition). New York: John Wiley, 1993.
Additional reading materials and cases will be distributed in class, as appropriate.
Changes may be made in the syllabus on short notice.

1. The requirements of class readings (chapters, cases and handouts) are mandatory. You are required to read the class readings prior to class. Your preparation will be factored into the class participation grade. You should take this responsibility seriously.
2. Attendance and class participation are emphasized. For the convenience of communication and recording, you are suggested to sit in the same place throughout the semester. Attendance will be taken during the semester. Poor attendance will detract from your class participation grade. You should be prepared to be randomly asked to answer questions. The frequency and the quality of your responses to questions will be factored into the class participation grade.
3. There will be two exams, in correspondence to the chapters covered. The exams will cover materials discussed in class as well as those not discussed in class.
4. You are required to form a Project Teams of about four people to work on a business research project. You may want to define the project first (what company or industry to study) and research issues. You may want to interview business managers as well as use other research sources (such as library) at your disposal. Your group is required to report the research progress and the findings in class and submit a written report addressing the issues in question.