Allyn & Bacon Public Speaking Website  This site is highly recommended for its wealth of helpful information on speech comm.!

Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations This site is a great resource if your looking for interesting quotes for a grabber or concluding remark.

CPB - Speeches Sample speeches.

DOUGLASS | Archives of American Public Address Sample speeches and potential speech topics.

Evaluating Web Resources Great info on using the web to research your topics.

The History Channel Great Speeches This site will allow you to listen to famous speeches if you have Real Audio. You can download it from this page.

Effective Communication by David Sharpe

Assess Your Satisfaction with Your Communication Skills

Being Yourself This site will give you more information on self concept and self disclorsure.

A Communication Model Another look at the communication process.

The Meaning of Perception More perspective on perception.

Over Coming Fear of Public Speaking Some tips from the Anxiety Coach

Assessing Skills Satisfaction

Signs and Language by Richard W. Dillman

Gender Communication  Beth Vanfossen

Communication Terms Puzzle   Rudolph F. Verderber, Kathleen S. Verderber, The Challenge of Effective Speaking