The present crown is about the tenth manifestation since the Restoration. It was originally designed and made for Queen Victoria in 1838 and was used at the coronations of Edward VII and George V. It was remade with practically the same stones for George VI in 1937. For the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 the shape of the arches was altered to reduce the height. Although more than 2,800 diamonds are mounted in it, the crown is best known for it's major stones, famous either for their historical interest or their actual value.  Among them are a “balas,” known as the “Black Prince’s Ruby,” and the 317 carat “Cullinan II,” the second largest cut diamond in the world.  The ruby is set in the cross on the front and Cullinan II is set on the base in the front.  The sapphire in the cross above the small orb is said to have belonged to King St. Edward the Confessor.

This crown is rarely worn, except for the State Opening of Parliament.