From the Annales Laurissensis

749 AD  Burghard, bishop of Worms, and the chaplain Fulred were sent to Pope Zachary to ask him about the kings in France, who at that time had no royal power.  Was this right or not?  Pope Zachary replied to Pepin that it was better for the man who had the power to be called king rather than one who remained without royal power and, to avoid a disturbance of the right order of things, he commanded by apostolic authority that Pepin should become king.

     750 AD  Pepin was elected king according to the Frankish custom and anointed by the hand of Archbishop Boniface of holy memory and raised to the Kingship of the Franks in the city of Soissons.  Childeric who had been falsely called king was tonsured and sent to a monastery.

     (Adapted from Brian Tierney, The Crisis of Church and State 1050-1300, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1964)