Java Script and Java Applets Programming for the Internet

Bert Wachsmuth

sponsored by Seton Hall University,
the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, and
the Center for Academic Technology

Part 1: Basic Info and Examples

The Need for Something New
What is Java Script and Java Applets
Who can Create Java Script and Applets, and Who Can Use Them
How to Use Java Script and Java Applets
Examples of Java Script
Examples of Java Applets
Writing Your Own Java Script-enhanced Web Pages

Part 2: Java in (some) Detail

Object-Oriented Programming
The Applet Creation Cycle: Hello World
From Static Text to Animation: Threaded Applets
More Threaded Applets: Ticker Tape Applet
Flicker-Free Animation: Drawing Offscreen
Adding Event Handlers to an Applet
GUI - Adding a Graphical User Interface
The Finished Product
More GUI - Windows and Menus
What's Next

For More Information: Netscape's Developer Site or Sun's Java API or Sun's Java Tutorial

The handouts and example are availalbe online at

(Bert G. Wachsmuth)