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Mobile Computing starts for Real
Standard laptops are issued to Freshmen. In four years, every student can use a computer in the class and outside the classroom, from home, from the dorms, from the beach, and even on the University Green.
Software Licensing reflects Mobile Effort
Software is licensed so that it can be installed locally. Students can therefore use these applications on their laptops wherever they are, and they are not bound to "on-campus" access.
VU degree program
The Virtual University offers degree programs through a contract with "Real Education". Students from around the world can enroll in Seton Hall classes.
LearningSpace concerted Efforts
LearningSpace is used in about 150 sections and has become a major tool for the English department.
ACE program starts
Over 100 students received a full week of training before class start and are available to mobile faculty
TLTC makes Presentation to Executive Cabinet
The TLTC and various faculty members illustrate how computing can change the paradigm for teaching and learning to the Executive Cabinet. Cabinet is excited !