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Teaching without Technology is rare
Many faculty use computer applications, web sites, links to outside information, library card catalogs, Internet searches, etc, on a regular basis
Internet access from home is wide-spread
Many faculty and students have access to the Internet from home, more and more students have their own computers, more dorm rooms are wired for access to the campus network
Incompatible hardware and off-campus Access still Problematic
While many faculty and students can access Internet-based information from home, many students have problems with computers that are incompatible with some or all Network applications.
Mobile Pilot Project, VU Pilots, LearningSpace Pilots
To address the issue of incompatible hardware and off-campus access, the mobile computing pilot projects start. Participating students and faculty receive "standard issue" laptops so there are few problems with incompatibilities, and use of standard software applications from "anywhere" is a reality for those students. Experiments start with "Virtual University" courses to see if entire classes can be conducted on line.
Tech Buddies are added as a resource for Faculty
Trained students are being made available to "mobile faculty"
TLTC created as Umbrella Organization
The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center is created to combine the CAT, Media Center, and PC-Support under one roof.