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LAN use is a "fact of live" but not for off-campus students
While the on campus use of the LAN, including email, web access, etc. is now a fact of live, students begin to ask for access to applications and data from off-campus and from the dorm rooms.
Some dorms are beginning to get "wired"
To improve access to the LAN, some dorm rooms are wired.
The CAT is busy
The CAT is being used by many faculty as the starting point for learning about the available tools such as Web pages, Usenet bulletin boards, various network applications, etc. starts for real,
CDI 1 starts
A concerted effort is being made to support faculty who want to use Information Technology for teaching. 10 CDI grants were given out to a cross-section of departments from all schools.
Real-time Tools and Experiments
Chat rooms for "real-time" communications are available, experiments are made to have "virtual" classes, experiments such as the "Virtual Open House" are created
CWIS (Web Site) a Public Relation Tool
Aside from containing administrative information as well as faculty and student homepages, the Seton Hall web site has also become a public relations tool. The design of the "top" page and "real-estate" on the "top page" are now a valuable commodity.