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Email and Web wide-spread tools
Use of email is wide-spread and common. Server crashes now have a big impact. Web is used more and more to disseminate information for teaching as well as administrative information
LAN access has become a "necessity"
Access to the LAN has become so widely used for students and faculty that the crash of a server causes major problems. Faculty want to use more and more applications that need to be installed on the LAN's and that are available to students on campus. No allowance is made for students off-campus.
Usenet (world-wide bulletin board) Access
Access to thousands of world-wide bulletin boards is setup, including "comp.lang.*" groups. Seton Hall specific discussion groups can be requested "per class"
CAT Starts
The Center for Academic Technology is added as a resource for faculty to ensure that faculty have a convenient contact to learn the new, rapidly developing IT tools available to them. CAT runs regular workshops on creating homepages and the use of many other computing tools.
Convenient computing tools on campus are now a reality.
Focus switches from LAN availability to LAN reliability and
questions remain about access to applications from off-campus
and dorm rooms.