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Mainframe Computing is phased out
Email, SPSS, etc. on the mainframe are still usable, but not much used
LAN's are setup everywhere
More LAN's are getting setup (Fahy, GraphLab, etc.), students and faculty can conveniently login in from their offices and public labs to read email or use tools such as compilers.
GroupWise Email takes off
Most faculty and students have email accounts, a coherent communications with students and colleagues on campus is possible and is quickly being used
Web site is taking off
Our "budding" web site is taking off, more and more faculty place information online. Access to the Internet is easier and cheaper, and somewhat more students have their own computer. Students start creating their own web pages "on gross".
5 Year Plan starts
Seton Hall develops a 5 year IT plan to bring SHU Computing in sync with many other universities
A concerted effort is being made to improve the information
technology infrastructure and to address many of the problems
that developed with increase use of technology.