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Math 2511 - Calculus 3

This is the last class in the "Calculus" series. While the previous classes Math 1401/1501 (Calc 1) and 1411/1511 (Calc 2) dealt with calculus of functions of one variable, this class primarily deals with functions of several variables and reviews the basic concepts of calculus in that context. The primary goal is to learn how to draw, differentiate, and integrate functions with two or three variables, such as the one shown on the right.

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Counting towards your final grade will be quizzes (approx. one per week), three exams, and one possibly cumulative final exams. Homework will be assigned but not collected. It is, however, strongly recommended that you do complete the homework assignments as you will find similar problems in the quizzes and exams. Your final grade will be calculated as follows:

(*) The two worst quiz scores will be dropped automatically

Attendencs and Honors Policy

You are expected to attend every class. No make-ups of quizzes and exams are given except in special circumstances. Your worst two quiz scores will be automatically dropped. You must complete all assignments and exams in the allocated time period. You are expected to complete all quizzes, exams, and the computer assignments solely on your own unless it is specifically indicated that you can work together. The standard policy of the College of Arts and Sciences about plagiarism and cheating is in effect; check with the instructor if you have any questions.

Students with Disabilities

It is the policy and practice of Seton Hall University to promote inclusive learning environments. If you have a documented disability you may be eligible for reasonable accommodations in compliance with University policy, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and/or the New Jersey Law against Discrimination. Please note, students are not permitted to negotiate accommodations directly with professors. To request accommodations or assistance, please self-identify with the Office for Disability Support Services (DSS), Duffy Hall, Room 67 at the beginning of the semester. For more information or to register for services, contact DSS at (973) 313-6003 or by e-mail at DSS@shu.edu.

Computer Assignments

There will be several computer assignments that you have to complete on your own unless otherwise specified. The assignments use the computer algebra package Mathematica and/or Wolfram Alpha. Please contact the Corrigan Hall Help Desk at extension 2222 if you need assistance in installing the latest version of Mathematica.

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