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MATH 1101/1203 - Introduction to Statistics

Course Description: Nature of statistics. Descriptive statistics, graphical methods, measures of central tendency and variability. Probability, correlation and regression, sampling distributions. Inferential statistics, estimation and hypothesis testing, tests of independence and nonparametric statistics. Use of computer statistical packages. Prerequisite: MATH 0012 or appropriate placement. 3 credits

Note: Math 1203 is for students majoring in sociology, political science, social work, social and behavioral sciences, criminal justice, diplomacy, and anthropology. Math 1101 is for all other majors. Note that the id Math 1101 will be phased out and replaced by 1203.

Note: that in this class we will make extensive use of the computer program Microsoft Excel

The Summer Session 2013 section represents an online course. There are no physical class meeting; the class is conducted exlusively through email and various Blackboard-related tools. You must check you SHU email regularly to participate in this course, and you must have access to the Internet without interruption for the entire time the course lasts (mid May to about end of July).


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