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CSAS 4081: Topics (Web Programming)

The course is a one-credit course where the grade is exclusively based on projects. It is a “hands-on” course to gain practical experience in creating data-driven web pages. You are expected to do independent reading for each topic covered in class. We will cover
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • XML and AJAX
  • Web Server Setup and Configuration
  • Database Basics
  • MySQL Setup and Configuration
  • Servlets
  • Data-driven Web pages
  • Other Scripting Languages (PHP, JSP, ASP)

Prerequisite: None

v_line.gif (861 bytes) General Information
  • Syllabus (see Blackboard)

Notes, Resources, Assignments

  • see Blackboard


Bert G. Wachsmut
Last modified: 07/03/02