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CSAS 2214: Java Programming

The class meets MFW 12:00 - 12:50 in AS 107

The course Java and Network Programming will try to accomplish three goals (Other goals may be added if desired and needed):

to familiarize students with the Java programming language, including object oriented programming techniques, programming with a Graphical User Interface, and Java's built-in network support
to teach about designing larger software projects and general program design principles
to teach about existing client/server protocols commonly used on the Internet and how to program your own (simple) client-server solutions
to introduce SQL client-server based database programming

It is assumed that people taking this course are familiar with at least one programming language other than BASIC. In addition, participants must be familiar with the web and must know how to create and publish basic HTML documents. A workshop on HTML publishing will be held outside class if necessary for those who need it. Information about HTML is available on-line.

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JDK 1.3.1
Java API
BlueJ 1.1.6

Notes & Resources

Java API
JBD Chapters 1-5
JBD Chapter 6: Swing
Other Java Links

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