Chat Transcript, Sun, June 8

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wachsmut=> Hello, anyone out there ?????????

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wachsmut=> Hi David ...
David=> Hi Prof.
wachsmut=> good to see you, got your email, thanks !

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wachsmut=> Hi Jenn ...
Jenn=> hi prof.
wachsmut=> Alright, let's wait - as usual ... - for a little,
wachsmut=> see if anyone else will stop by (I hope so !)
wachsmut=> While we are waiting,
wachsmut=> did you get my email about the three credit course ?
Jenn=> yes
wachsmut=> If you guys want to switch, I can arrange that any time
David=> yes, hope to take care of next week
wachsmut=> Actually, just tell me, I do it - no problem !
Jenn=> i think i emailed you about it...
David=> , just do it , thanks
wachsmut=> Want me to do it, then, David (I'll do it tomorrow)
wachsmut=> Alright ... and Jenn, I did not get any email from you, sorry.
Jenn=> ok.. well i want the three credits..
wachsmut=> Alright, I switch both of you to the three credit course, then.
wachsmut=> on monday .....
Jenn=> i have a question about our porfolios..
wachsmut=> yes
Jenn=> are they due at the end of the month or do we have all summer to do them?
wachsmut=> well, officially the class is over July 27, I think.
wachsmut=> I was planning to do this 'chat' stuff, teaching, etc, until
wachsmut=> June 30th, so that gives you,
wachsmut=> if you want, until July 25th, or something,
wachsmut=> to complete the portfolios ....
wachsmut=> actually, I rather have the four pieces by the time
wachsmut=> class ends, but for the 'final' piece (for 3 credits)
wachsmut=> you can take all of July, if you like.
wachsmut=> I will, of course, help you during that time, if you ask me
Jenn=> ok, thanks...
wachsmut=> for any help !
wachsmut=> No problem ....
wachsmut=> Alright, looks like it's just the three of us, then....
David=> I second that tanks
wachsmut=> a second no problem ....
wachsmut=> let's cut it short, then .... if you don't mind .....
David=> it must be the nice weather
wachsmut=> or something on the tube, perhaps ?
David=> boob tube
wachsmut=> oh well, it's somewhat annoying, since I do have to
Jenn=> probably the game..
wachsmut=> spend some time preparing ..... oh well .....
wachsmut=> yes, game could be ....
wachsmut=> anyhow, here's what I meant to do, in short:
wachsmut=> I wanted to ask you, as usual, questions like this:
David=> i paid my wife to take the kids upstairs for an hour
wachsmut=> welll ... I know what you mean, I had to negotiate, too, today !
wachsmut=> Sunday's not a good time, I think .... -:)
David=> pay back will be a b___
wachsmut=> Anyhow, make sure you know the following:
wachsmut=> three layout manager names .....
wachsmut=> what to use to combine different layouts ....
wachsmut=> at least 5 GUI components
wachsmut=> anybody wanna - quickly - jump in with some answers ?
David=> grid, flow layout, boarder
wachsmut=> Yes ...
wachsmut=> what to use to combine different ones is a .... P ....
wachsmut=> Pa ....
wachsmut=> Pan ....
Jenn=> panel?
wachsmut=> yes, thanks !
wachsmut=> Finally, let's go through all GUI Components we know so far:
wachsmut=> go ahead ....
David=> button?
wachsmut=> yes, more
David=> label
wachsmut=> yes, more
Jenn=> textfield?
wachsmut=> Text??????
wachsmut=> yes, thanks !
wachsmut=> and Text?????
David=> frame
wachsmut=> yes, frame's good - also Panel
wachsmut=> and Text????? (the new stuff)
David=> sorry?
wachsmut=> TextArea !
Jenn=> area
wachsmut=> in lecture 6 ....
wachsmut=> I introduce a TextArea and a List ....

[David] leaves at Sun Jun 08 20:14:39 1997

wachsmut=> a TextArea is a 'multi-line' area to display text, which can
wachsmut=> be optionally editable or not.
wachsmut=> An example of a TextArea is ....
wachsmut=> well, you're looking at one right now ....
wachsmut=> try it, you can actually 'cut-and-paste' whatever I am typing

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wachsmut=> or what you're saying ....
wachsmut=> See, that's a TextArea ....
wachsmut=> and a list ... there's also a List in this applet (Chat applet)....
wachsmut=> can you see it ?
wachsmut=> hint: look to the right ....
Jenn=> the participants
wachsmut=> yes, there we go ....
wachsmut=> Alright, with those components we can make reasobly
wachsmut=> cool programs and applet .....
wachsmut=> actually, we only know programs so far, so today we'll turn a
wachsmut=> sample program into an applet .....
wachsmut=> first, though, any questions ?
Jenn=> no
wachsmut=> quick answer, I like it !
David=> no
wachsmut=> well ....
wachsmut=> alright, here's something fun ...
wachsmut=> again, are both of you using Windows 95 right now ?
David=> yes
Jenn=> yes
wachsmut=> and is the 'allow show' above the 'Participants' checked ?
David=> yes
Jenn=> yes
wachsmut=> I will show you a sample program in a second ....
David=> cool
wachsmut=> please take a look at it, then go to 'File' and save it
wachsmut=> as
wachsmut=> then come back here and tell me whether you did that.
David=> ok
wachsmut=> Okay, here's the applet (hold on for a second).....
wachsmut=> Alright, got it ? Saved and all ?
David=> ?
wachsmut=> David, did you see anything ?
David=> go to the url and save?
David=> no
David=> sorry, just url
wachsmut=> yes ... but you should have seen it on the screen ... guess not ....
David=> nope
wachsmut=> alright, 'cut-paste' the URL, go to it (which will disconnect you), then
David=> i can go to address,
wachsmut=> save it, and come back and rejoin .....
David=> ok
wachsmut=> Jenn, did you get it ?
Jenn=> yes..
wachsmut=> great .... perhaps David has 'unchecked' the 'allow show' thingy ....
Jenn=> in pico, can we write the whole program as we see it?
wachsmut=> alright, let's wait until David is back, hopefully with a 'Got IT' ....
David=> it showed itself, got it
Jenn=> or do we have to do what we've been doing... writing the program in separate files?
David=> can you see me
wachsmut=> Yes, David
David=> got it
David=> it showed itself
wachsmut=> alright .... let's do something different right now ...
wachsmut=> sorry, yes, David ?
wachsmut=> Alright, both of you have saved the file '' now ....
Jenn=> yes
David=> yes
wachsmut=> and both of you have the JDK installed on your PC ?
Jenn=> no
David=> yes
wachsmut=> Ah ... bummer ....
wachsmut=> Alright, here's your tasks for today, hang on ....
wachsmut=> David, use Notepad (or PFE) to compile the program on
wachsmut=> your PC. Then write a corresponding 'TaskTest' program to
wachsmut=> test it.
wachsmut=> Jenn,
wachsmut=> start Notepad, and open the file ''.
wachsmut=> Mark everything, then 'copy' everything to the clipboard
wachsmut=> Then start Telnet, login to Sciris, switch to 'public_html', type
wachsmut=> pico
wachsmut=> then select 'Edit | copy' to get the program on Sciris.
wachsmut=> Save and compile, but don't run it, or create a main program for now.
wachsmut=> All clear, ready to go ?
wachsmut=> Actually, I was going to give you 5 minutes for this
wachsmut=> (because I have to go ... you know .... I'll be back in three minutes ....
wachsmut=> sorry about that .....
wachsmut=> back in 3 ....
Jenn=> wait how do i copy to the clipboard?
wachsmut=> alright, I am back, sorry about that..
wachsmut=> Jenn, if you are using 'Telnet', just click on 'Edit', then 'copy'
wachsmut=> MAKE SURE
Jenn=> oh no i got it.. sorry..
David=> how do i call the contructor from test program?
wachsmut=> you start pico first, Jenn....
wachsmut=> Alright, David ....
wachsmut=> standard main method, i.e.
wachsmut=> public static void main(String arg[])
wachsmut=> {
wachsmut=> Task t = new Task();
wachsmut=> }
wachsmut=> inside a
wachsmut=> public class TaskTest
wachsmut=> {
wachsmut=> ...
wachsmut=> }
David=> ok, be right back
wachsmut=> but, not so important right now, did you compile the
Jenn=> i compiled it..
wachsmut=> .... both of you .... (running it is not so important)
wachsmut=> Great, Jenn ... hang on for David ....
Jenn=> ok..
wachsmut=> he's trying to run the program, which you can't do from Sciris,
Jenn=> should i make a tasktest file?
Jenn=> oh...
wachsmut=> because the Task thing contains graphical elements ....
David=> it works, cool
wachsmut=> BUT, we'll turn it into an applet in a few minutes, then
David=> cooler
wachsmut=> both of you can 'run' it inside 'Netscape' ....
wachsmut=> alright ..... here we go.....
wachsmut=> Both of you have the somewhere in a window,
wachsmut=> telnet or notepad, ready to edit ?
David=> yes
Jenn=> yes
wachsmut=> For Jenn, the file must be in 'public_html', but don't worry if not,
wachsmut=> right now.
wachsmut=> Alright, to turn a 'program' into an applet is actually easy.
wachsmut=> Step one:
wachsmut=> add the line:
wachsmut=> import java.applet.*;
wachsmut=> to the top of the file......
wachsmut=> then, where it says:
wachsmut=> public class Task extends Frame
wachsmut=> change that line to:
wachsmut=> public class Task extends Applet
wachsmut=> i.e. change 'Frame' to 'Applet' (capital A in this case)
wachsmut=> Then look at the constructor, which says:
wachsmut=> public Task()
wachsmut=> change that to say
wachsmut=> public void init()
wachsmut=> Finally, inside the method now called 'public void init()',
wachsmut=> delete the lines that say:
wachsmut=> validate()
wachsmut=> pack()
wachsmut=> show()
wachsmut=> i.e.
wachsmut=> the only thing in the 'public void init()' is a call to
wachsmut=> 'setup()'
wachsmut=> Done ?
David=> ok
Jenn=> yes
wachsmut=> Great .... save and compile ... hopefully, no errors ! LEt me know....
Jenn=> i got an error...
wachsmut=> saying ....
wachsmut=> saying ????
Jenn=> was i supposed to delete super("Task List")?
wachsmut=> oops ... yes !
wachsmut=> sorry !
wachsmut=> the only thing in the 'public void init()' method is:
Jenn=> ok...
wachsmut=> 'setup()', i.e.
David=> ok, clean
wachsmut=> public void init()
wachsmut=> {
wachsmut=> setup();
wachsmut=> }
wachsmut=> Great, David ... hang on, let's see how Jenn is doing ...
Jenn=> ready
wachsmut=> Now, we got ourselves an applet ... how to we run it ?
wachsmut=> here's how :
wachsmut=> in a Text editor (pico or notepad), create a new file
wachsmut=> In that file, type the following:
wachsmut=> <HTML>
wachsmut=> <APPLET CLASS="Task.class" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=200>
wachsmut=> </APPLET>
wachsmut=> See my applet above ? Isn't that something ?
wachsmut=> </HTML>
wachsmut=> Then, save the file as, for example, task.html
wachsmut=> in the SAME directory that the '' file is.....
wachsmut=> Done ?
Jenn=> yes
David=> be right back
wachsmut=> Alright, while we wait for David, here's what you want to do, Jenn....
wachsmut=> you've saved both files in 'public_html' ?
Jenn=> yes
wachsmut=> Alright, Jenn ... in Netscape, go to the address:
David=> ok
wachsmut=> if you saved the file as 'Task.html', or whatever name you choose.
wachsmut=> remember, you might disconnect from Chat ... reconnect later ....
David=> should I just open then file in netscape
wachsmut=> David, we can both try the same URL .... let's do it, to see if Jenn's
wachsmut=> applet worked ....
wachsmut=> Yes, David, you could either see Jenn's applet at above URL, or
wachsmut=> see your own by 'opening a file' .... go ahead .... either way ....
wachsmut=> make sure you say something when you're back .....

[David] leaves at Sun Jun 08 20:47:25 1997

Jenn=> i just opened a new browser..
Jenn=> and its blank...
wachsmut=> good idea ... I got the same .... let me check what's happening
wachsmut=> for you ... David, any luck ?
Jenn=> i think david left..

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wachsmut=> yes, he's looking at his applet ....
wachsmut=> there he is ... did it work, David ?
David=> Just a blank screen, html?
wachsmut=> you too ..... hand on, give me two mintues
wachsmut=> to find the mistake ....
Jenn=> ok...
wachsmut=> alright, my mistake -:)
David=> stiff neck from looking at my PC all day..
wachsmut=> in your file 'task.html', you write
wachsmut=> CODE="Task.class" ....
wachsmut=> change that to:
wachsmut=> CODE="Task.class"
wachsmut=> please ....
wachsmut=> sorry about that ... save the new 'task.html' file, and again look at
wachsmut=> it with netscape

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Jenn=> got it!
wachsmut=> Alright !!!!!
wachsmut=> Yes, I can see your applet, too, Jenn !

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wachsmut=> Let's see how David is doing ....
David=> Still nothing, it says chatter box is running?
David=> is it APPLET CODE = "Task.html"
wachsmut=> no ...
wachsmut=> it's
wachsmut=> <APPLET CODE="Task.class" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=200>
wachsmut=> </APPLET>
David=> I'm sorry thats what i have
wachsmut=> alright, give it one more try, then we're 'out' of here .... -:)
David=> ok
wachsmut=> Jenn, hang on for three more minutes (I said it's short today, looks
wachsmut=> like I lied .... oh well ....)
Jenn=> sure..
Jenn=> hehehe

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Jenn=> so is this what our portfolio is supposed to look like?
wachsmut=> Well, yes, kind of ....

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wachsmut=> My idea would be this:
wachsmut=> first portfolio piece:
David=> I'll debug later or look at Jenn's
wachsmut=> either a program with inheritance, no GUI stuff, or
wachsmut=> a simple, stand-alone program, not an applet.
wachsmut=> Second one: a simple applet
David=> what was the question?
wachsmut=> third one: something more elaborate ...
Jenn=> what our portfolio consists of...
wachsmut=> fourth one: something with 'Network programming' or so.
wachsmut=> Alright, David, back ?
wachsmut=> hmmmm ....
wachsmut=> david, david, david, david, david, david, david, david, david ?
David=> yes
wachsmut=> Alright ... did it work ?
David=> hello
David=> no, did not find clas
wachsmut=> Alright, let's hang on ... and wrap up ...
David=> ok
wachsmut=> if you like, I can fix your problem later, or via email.
David=> no problem
wachsmut=> To change a 'stand-alone'
wachsmut=> program into an applet:
wachsmut=> instead of 'extends Frame', use 'extends Applet'
wachsmut=> (import java.applet.*; first)
wachsmut=> instead of a constructor, use
wachsmut=> public void init()
wachsmut=> exactly like that
wachsmut=> remove the methods 'validate, pack, and show' from
wachsmut=> the 'old' constructor, and any reference to 'super' in the old
wachsmut=> constructor - and
wachsmut=> you got yourself a basic applet.....
David=> not bad
wachsmut=> that works very often, but not always ....
wachsmut=> there are some minor details, we'll cover them later ....
wachsmut=> For now ..... class OVER !
wachsmut=> David, if you want, send me email with the two files
Jenn=> ok.. see you guys on Wednesday!
Jenn=> bye!
wachsmut=> and Task.html .... and I can help you then !
David=> ok, see you Wensday, thanks
wachsmut=> Bye Jenn

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wachsmut=> Alright, bye David !
David=> BYE
wachsmut=> see you (say "Thanks" to your wife) .....
David=> yes

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yany=> hello
yany=> peter

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