Chat Transcript, June 6, 8:30pm

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wachsmut=> Hi Don, what's up ...
Don=> not too much, how about you?
wachsmut=> waiting for more people to arrive !

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Don=> yeah, but its a nice nite so probably outside
Don=> or watching basketball maybe??!!
wachsmut=> Right ...
wachsmut=> Hi Jenn ....

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Jenn=> hi
wachsmut=> Hi Rob,
wachsmut=> looks like we're gathering a crowed !
Rob=> hi Jenn and Bert!
Rob=> and Don
wachsmut=> David might not make it tonight, he said,
wachsmut=> so we're waiting for two more people ...

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wachsmut=> let's wait for a couple of minutes, then we start
wachsmut=> looks like we lost Don, hope he'll be back !

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wachsmut=> 2 more minutes - I've something cool today, if it works !
wachsmut=> quick question: everybody using Windows 95 right now ?
Don=> yes
Rob=> yes
wachsmut=> Jenn, I hope you too ?
wachsmut=> hmmmm ....
wachsmut=> Jenn, are you using Windows 95 right now ?
wachsmut=> Well ...
wachsmut=> hm, looks like Jenn lost her voice ....
wachsmut=> anyway, let's do a few questions first,
wachsmut=> then I'll answer some questions, if any,
wachsmut=> then we'll take a look at something new, but
wachsmut=> it will not be so overwhelming as last time ....

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wachsmut=> Alright, here we go ......
wachsmut=> anyone who knows, just say it ...
wachsmut=> What's the basic class for almost every Java program ?

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wachsmut=> What's the basic class for almost any Java program ?
wachsmut=> I.e. which class from the awt do you start out with ....
Rob=> You mean the "superset" almost all classes will extend?
Rob=> component?
Don=> java.awt.Frame
wachsmut=> Well ... Frame is right !
wachsmut=> what does GUI stand for ?
Don=> graphical user onterface
Don=> whoops
wachsmut=> Great, thanks ....

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wachsmut=> interface ... well, good enough
wachsmut=> give me an example of a GUI component,
wachsmut=> i.e. a class for it ...
Rob=> Can I try frame this time?
wachsmut=> please ...
wachsmut=> yes, frame, another one ?
Rob=> button
wachsmut=> good .... another one ????
Don=> is TextCompnent one??
wachsmut=> Right, but
wachsmut=> TextComponent is more abstract
wachsmut=> TextField and TextArea extend TextComponent, and are
wachsmut=> more useful .... we'll do those in the next lecture....
wachsmut=> Here's another one:
wachsmut=> what's the name of the method to make a frame visible ?
wachsmut=> i.e. a frame is invisible by default, and you need to use which
wachsmut=> method to make it actually appear on the screen ?
wachsmut=> 'show()' .... did you do your readings ????????????
Don=> show
wachsmut=> thanks .... guess you did -:)
wachsmut=> what's the name of the method to react to events such as a
wachsmut=> click on a button .....
wachsmut=> or better, which method responds to a user action such as a
wachsmut=> click on a button ?
wachsmut=> well ? Anyone ?
Don=> ActivateEvent i think?
wachsmut=> too much ...
wachsmut=> just 'action' ....
wachsmut=> To review:
wachsmut=> To create a program, you 'extend Frame' ....
wachsmut=> then you add GUI components such as 'Button's ....
wachsmut=> Finally, the 'action' method is always part of a Frame,
wachsmut=> and since your class extends Frame, the action method will be
wachsmut=> part of your class. Therefore, what must you do in your class
wachsmut=> to achive your goals of your programs ?
wachsmut=> (Hint: your class must do something to the 'action' method)
Rob=> override it?
wachsmut=> Yes !
wachsmut=> That's the basic Java program:
wachsmut=> extend Frame
wachsmut=> add GUI componets
wachsmut=> override 'action'
wachsmut=> that's all there's too it, for simple programs.
wachsmut=> Alright, that's my questions.....
wachsmut=> what aobut yours ? Any questions ?
Rob=> I have a few... I think mostly clarifications.
wachsmut=> First, please everybody say 'aye' .....
Rob=> aye
Don=> aye
wachsmut=> just checking if you can 'hear me' ....
Jenn_=> aye
wachsmut=> Thanks, rob, don ... how about Aisha ?
wachsmut=> thanks Jenn_
wachsmut=> Aisha had problems before, I know, maybe she can only
wachsmut=> 'see', but not answer ... that's what happened to her before....
wachsmut=> oh well, so Rob, shoot !
aisha=> i'm here
wachsmut=> YEAH !!!!!
Rob=> The only way we know what methods a class has it to look at the class AND
Rob=> all of its superclasses, right?
wachsmut=> Right !
Rob=> Ok.
Rob=> Next
Rob=> We've just seen for the first time instantiating an object in a class that..
Rob=> was not a "main" (program) class.
Rob=> I'm referring to TestFrame.
wachsmut=> Well, not really ....
wachsmut=> remember the 'Shape' things ?
wachsmut=> We instantiated Rectangles and Circles, and
wachsmut=> they did not contain a 'main' method .....
Rob=> hmm. ok.
wachsmut=> It's the same with 'TestFrame', except that
Rob=> Last one.
wachsmut=> that class has zillions of methods,
wachsmut=> because it extends Frame which extends .... blah blah
wachsmut=> Alright, Rob ..
Rob=> Actually, I'll hold off on the last one... I think I got it.
wachsmut=> Great..... but, maybe somebody else had the same question,
wachsmut=> so .... what was it ?
Rob=> ok. here goes:
Rob=> You list some existing classes along with selected methods, for example:
Rob=> class java.awt.TextComponent extends java.awt.Component
wachsmut=> yes ...
Rob=> with the selected methods public String GetText(), etc.
Rob=> Now, what does the body of these methods look like?
wachsmut=> Ahhhh .... great question !
wachsmut=> Actually, I don't know.
Rob=> I know, in general, like all other methods!
wachsmut=> The Java Virtual Machine is not entirely public !
wachsmut=> The Component class, and the TextComponet class, and all classes
wachsmut=> in the awt and in the other packages comprise the JVM
wachsmut=> actually, to be more precise, they are all part of the JVM (Java
wachsmut=> Virtual Machine), and there's more.
wachsmut=> If you install the 'JDK', there's a 'zipped' file somewhere, called
Rob=> java.src?
wachsmut=> '' - that contains the 'packages', including the awt classes, but
wachsmut=> you can't unzip it, or JDK won't work.
wachsmut=> There's also a 'src' directory, and that contains the unzipped classes,
wachsmut=> at least many of them. You can find the method body there,
wachsmut=> but I have never bothered. I treat objects as 'black boxes' ....
wachsmut=> All I need is the header, and perhaps a brief description, and
wachsmut=> I don't care *how* the method works, as long as it *does* work.
wachsmut=> Alright, great question ....
wachsmut=> Don, Jenn_, Aisha, any questions ?
Don=> not yet
aisha=> not right now
Jenn_=> no
wachsmut=> Welll .... here we go, then, with something entirely new, but
wachsmut=> not too much (I hope).
wachsmut=> Remember, you can add 'components' to a frame, like buttons.
wachsmut=> The big question is: where do they go !
wachsmut=> That's determined by what's called a 'layout' manager ....
wachsmut=> Java has 5 such layout managers, and 3 are easy.
wachsmut=> I will describe what the three easy ones do,
wachsmut=> then I'll show you examples and you have to identify
wachsmut=> them .... alright, read carefully:
wachsmut=> a FlowLayout Manager arranges all components in a row,
wachsmut=> and each one gets as much room as needed.
wachsmut=> a GidLayout arranges all components in a table-like grid with rows and
wachsmut=> columns, and each component gets the same size, so that the
wachsmut=> largest one determines the size of each other one.

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wachsmut=> a BorderLayout has 5 areas: east, west, south, north, and center, and the
wachsmut=> 'center' area gets all 'leftover' space.
wachsmut=> Alright, there they are: FlowLayout, GidLayout, and BorderLayout.
wachsmut=> Now: all of you are using Windows 95, and
wachsmut=> the "allow show" thing above the names is checked for all ?
wachsmut=> Yes or no ?
Don=> yes
Jenn_=> yes
wachsmut=> I mean there's a little checkbox above the names of the participants...
wachsmut=> Make sure it's checked !
Rob=> yes
wachsmut=> Good.... I'll now make, by magic, a new screen appear on your
wachsmut=> computer. Take a good look, identify the layout, close that screen,
wachsmut=> and tell me what it was: Flow, Border, or Grid ...
wachsmut=> alright, here we go ... say 'what? ' if nothing happens in a few seconds..
Jenn_=> grid?
wachsmut=> Yes, exactly.
Don=> grid
wachsmut=> Everything had the same size !
wachsmut=> and was rectangular laid out, in a table.
wachsmut=> Everybody back here ? Please say ' yes '....
Don=> yes

=> [Rob] leaves at Fri Jun 06 21:03:22 1997

Jenn_=> yes
wachsmut=> Rob ?
wachsmut=> Looks like we 'lost' Rob, let's hope he'll be back soon !
wachsmut=> Here's another example. Take a look
wachsmut=> then close the screen and identify .... alright, wait a little ...
wachsmut=> What was it ?
Don=> flow
wachsmut=> Great ... why was it not a Grid with one row ?
wachsmut=> wanna see it again ?
Jenn_=> ok
wachsmut=> alright, here it is, one more time ... why not a 'Grid' with one row ?
Don=> because everything was not the same size?
wachsmut=> Exactly, very good !
wachsmut=> alright, here's another one ....
wachsmut=> everybody ready ? Please say 'yep' ... or 'whatever' ....
Don=> yep
Rob=> aye
Rob=> aye
wachsmut=> let's wait for Jenn_ .... Jenn_ are you ready for another one ?
wachsmut=> perhaps not, we're dwindling in numbers ....
wachsmut=> anyhow, here's one more ! Hang on for a few seconds .....

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wachsmut=> Hi Jenny ....
Jenny=> sorry i got disconnected....
wachsmut=> we just took a look at the 3rd example,
wachsmut=> I'll show another one soon ...
wachsmut=> what was example 3 ?
Don=> border
wachsmut=> sure , after all, there are only three !
wachsmut=> Alright ....
wachsmut=> that's rather limiting, but the good news is that you can
wachsmut=> 'mix and match' those layouts.
wachsmut=> So, I'll show you another one, and that
wachsmut=> combines at least 2 layouts, somehow. Please identify
wachsmut=> both layouts .....
wachsmut=> all ready ?
Jenny=> yes
Rob=> yes
wachsmut=> alright, here we go (I assume Don's ready, too ... -:)
Don=> yep
wachsmut=> Alright, seen it ? What was it ? Two layouts:
Don=> flow and grid?
wachsmut=> yes !
wachsmut=> flow for the buttons,
wachsmut=> and a grid (2 by 2) for the rest !
wachsmut=> But, there's one more, actually: a borderlayout
wachsmut=> to put the 'flow' and the 'grid' together !
wachsmut=> See what I mean ? In the center is the 'grid' layout with 2 rows, 2 cols,
wachsmut=> and 'south' is the flowlayout, with the buttons.
wachsmut=> So, there's three layouts, altoghter, and that makes for a rather nice
wachsmut=> 'small program'.
wachsmut=> Two more, if you don't mind, then we're done .....
wachsmut=> Alright, ready ?
Rob=> let 'er rip.
wachsmut=> got it ? What was it ?
wachsmut=> (sorry, this one takes a while to load, I guess) .....
Rob=> looks possibly like flow across the top and grid again below that?
Don=> all three again
Don=> or what rob said
wachsmut=> Yes, Rob's right, and Don put'em together with a Border, but
wachsmut=> this time, the 'flow' is 'south' in the 'border', and the 'grid, 2 rows, 3 cols,
wachsmut=> is at the 'center' of the 'border'
wachsmut=> Opps, sorry
wachsmut=> 'flow' is 'North', nothing is 'South'.....
wachsmut=> Alright - we'll learn in the next lecture how to put
wachsmut=> these layouts together .....
wachsmut=> The final (yes, I know, you want to go ...) example I have is this:
wachsmut=> well .... it's different....
wachsmut=> I'll show you the source code of a Java program. Please study it
wachsmut=> carefully. I want to know the folllowing:
wachsmut=> - how many buttons
wachsmut=> - what layout
wachsmut=> - how to instantiate that class
wachsmut=> - what does it do ....
wachsmut=> So .... after I show you the code, take 5 minutes, exactly, to look at it
wachsmut=> to try to see what it does. Remember, you need to look for the fields,
wachsmut=> the constructor, and then special methods such as 'action' ....
wachsmut=> Ready ? Remember, five minutes exactly !
wachsmut=> Ready ? please say 'yes' .....
Rob=> yes
Don=> yes
Jenny=> yes
wachsmut=> alright, here we go ... 5 mintues....
wachsmut=> Alright .... how many buttons ?
Don=> 3
Rob=> yep
wachsmut=> great ....
wachsmut=> what layout ? Perhaps Jenny ?
Jenny=> flow?
wachsmut=> Exactly !
wachsmut=> how do you instantiate that class, i.e.
wachsmut=> TestFrame f = new ????
wachsmut=> well, the constructor of the class requires an input
Rob=> = new TestFrame("yadda yadda");
wachsmut=> parameter of type String , so YES, THAT's CORRECT !
wachsmut=> So, here's the biggy ...
wachsmut=> what's it do ?
Don=> keeps arunning total and allows the user to reset it
wachsmut=> Exactly !
wachsmut=> So, here's the wrapup ....
wachsmut=> Rob suggested an example in the discussion ...
Rob=> I know what's coming!
wachsmut=> I'll expand on it, and that would be a good portfolio suggestion ....
wachsmut=> Also, the TestFrame from above would be okay, IF you can
wachsmut=> add a feature such as a 'Subtract' button, and make it work
wachsmut=> correctly ....
wachsmut=> so .... I'll formalize those, and post them soon
wachsmut=> Other than that, this is it for today, but one quick question :
wachsmut=> next chat, is Monday at 8:30 okay ?
Jenny=> i have a night class
wachsmut=> I.e. is Monday perhaps better than Sunday ?
Don=> I may be alittle late or have trouble or together
wachsmut=> I see, Jenny ....
Don=> on monday
wachsmut=> Alright, Sunday 8:00pm good then ?
Rob=> This week I cannot make Sunday, but if that's the only time for everyone
Rob=> else, so it goes.
Rob=> Any possibility of later Monday?
Don=> whatever is easiest for everybody
wachsmut=> who votes for Sunday, who for Monday ?
wachsmut=> Stand up and be counted ....
Jenny=> sunday is better forme...
Rob=> I can only make it on monday.
Don=> moday around 9:00 or anytime sunday
wachsmut=> Don, the decisive vote ....
wachsmut=> Jenn, Monday 9:00 ????
wachsmut=> If no, then it's Sunday, 8:00 - your call.
Jenny=> i don't get home till 10:00 =I
wachsmut=> Alright, Sunday, 8:00pm (sorry, Rob -:)
Don=> alright, sunday 8:00
wachsmut=> So, guys, hope you liked this chat ....
wachsmut=> and mediate over this question as you sign off:
wachsmut=> what layout is this 'chat' applet (after all, it's in Java, so
wachsmut=> it's got to be something ..... -:)
wachsmut=> Class over ! I'll hang around for a few minutes,
wachsmut=> other than that - have a great weekend, see you Sunday ....
Don=> you too, bye

=> [Don] leaves at Fri Jun 06 21:32:39 1997

wachsmut=> if you have questions, go right ahead ... bye, Don ...
Jenny=> bye, have a good weekend!

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wachsmut=> bye Jenn
Rob=> Hmmm, I was going to ask about setup(), pack() and show()...
wachsmut=> Go ahead ....
wachsmut=> setup is actually easy -
Rob=> If it's a long response we can let it go for now.
wachsmut=> not really, here's a quick answer:
Rob=> I just want to knwo what they do...
wachsmut=> 'setup()' is easy: it's defined below. It's not overridden, nor overloaded,
wachsmut=> it's simply a new method used only in this particular class.
wachsmut=> 'setup()' does not exist by 'default', i.e. in a Frame or anything....
wachsmut=> it only does what I say it does.
wachsmut=> 'pack()' resizes the frame so that
wachsmut=> all componets fit as best as possible.
wachsmut=> It's very handy ... the frame will automatically find its optimum
wachsmut=> shape and size.
wachsmut=> 'show()' simply makes the frame visible (since by default
wachsmut=> it's invisible) ....
Rob=> ok ,,, and validate()
wachsmut=> Yes ... validate() make sure that all components that
wachsmut=> are added are 'valid' .... tell you the truth, I don't know exactly what
wachsmut=> it does ... but
wachsmut=> validate();
wachsmut=> pack();
wachsmut=> show();
wachsmut=> are the 'standard' last lines in a class that extends Frame
wachsmut=> if you want the frame to correctly add all components and
wachsmut=> give itself the best possible size ....
Rob=> got it... thanks!
wachsmut=> No problem ....
wachsmut=> alright, more questions ?
wachsmut=> did you like this 'showing' of web pages ?
Rob=> Yes.
Rob=> Very creative -- and a productive demo.
wachsmut=> thanks ... I liked it, too -:)
wachsmut=> alright, then .... anything else ?
Rob=> ok... sorry I can't make it on Sunday. I'll check the transcript afterwards.
Rob=> signing off.
wachsmut=> bye ....
Rob=> bye

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