Assignment 3: Unit Conversion

Write a Unit Converter program. The program should present the user with a menu of options like:

      Welcome to the Unit Converter
      a) Degree Celcius to Degree Fahrenheit
      b) Degree Fahrenheit to Degree Celcius
      c) Inches to Centimeters
      d) Centimeters to Inches

      x) Quit the program

The program should ask the user for their choice, ask for a numerical input depending on the user's choice, compute the converted measurement according to the user's choice, and display the answer in an appealing way on the screen. The program should then present the above menu again and the hole process can start over. If a user enters x the program should quit.

Your program must include the following:

a short int main(void) program
a function to display the menu
functions to do the actual conversions
functions for input and output (optional)
comments at the beginning of the program to include your name and the date when your program was finished
brief comments for the main program and each function to explain what the respective piece of code is doing

The appropriate conversion formulas were discussed - or will be discussed - in class.