Assignment 1: Cable Revenue

Write a program that solves the following task:

Task: You are working as a consultant for a cable company. For each installation that is performed by the company, there's a $25.00 service charge and an additional $2.00 charge per foot of cable used. They need a program to compute the total revenue generated by their installers per month. In other words, if they use 263 yards of cable at 27 different locations, they make $2253.00 in revenue.

The program should use meaningful variable names, the right number of comments, mandatory comments, and define useful constants at the right place. Furthermore, the program should ask "nicely" for input, and display the output in a reasonably good-looking way.

The program is due on Saturday, Sept 6, before midnight. You do not have to send me the program via email. Instead, create and test the program on your kitten account, making sure to name the source code cable.cpp. I will automatically look for the program in your directory, starting on Sunday - again, don't email me the source code, just create the source code file on your kitten account before the due date.