Task List for Web/Java Class

Tasks for Fourth Week

Everyone: Finish all previous tasks, write one small indiviual report, and finish you group reports. As to the indiviual report, click here for details. There will also be a completely optional Java program where you will use two Java objects and combine them into your own, Java applet. Again, this will be optional (no extra credit for doing it, nothing taken away for not doing it). Check here again later for details.

Designers Tasks: Finish all previous tasks and create final report.
Developers Tasks: Finish all previous tasks and create final report (incl. program listings documentation).
Webmasters Tasks: Finish all previous tasks and create final report.

Tasks for Third Week

Everyone: To illustrate details of OOP such as inheritance, method overriding, and polymorphism, I have constructed several Figures. That is, of course, I have constructed an abstract object Figure which will have several descendent objects, such as Rectangle, Square, and Triangle. Take a look at the source code of the main method of this Java program.

Your first job: add the missing Java source code for the Triangle class in such a way that triangle is a descendent of a rectangle. Your new object, of course, should use as many previously defined methods as possible !
Your second job: contact the developers as to the location of the Data/Time applet they created, and use it in your homepage. Note: you do not want to copy the applet to your directory. The applet should exist only once, in some standard location.
Desginers Tasks:
Developers Tasks: the NISWUP system
Webmasters Tasks: security issues

Tasks for Second Week

Everyone: Enhance your homepage with some JavaScript code (whatever you like ... as a simple example, put the time of day into your page). Write a small Java program (not a Java applet) to say "Hello Word" under the Kitten Unix account. Modify one of the Ticker Tape applets to display a rectangle that bounces up and down inside a window. Alternatively, have your applet bring up your picture in a 'sliding up' fashion. Note: to view an applet, you either need the Windows 95 version of Netscape and develop the applet on Kitten, or you need Windows 95 and the Java Developer's kit, or you need Windows 3.1, X-Windows connection to Kitten, and develop the applet on Kitten.

Designer Tasks
Developers Tasks
Webmasters Tasks

Tasks for First Week

Everyone: Create a homepage for yourself, and add your name in the form first.lastname at the appropirate place to the appropriate httpd configuration file.

Designer Tasks
Developers Tasks
Webmasters Tasks