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My Java Applets and Resources

Here are some Java applets I wrote (source code available upon request). Check out Java by Definition, an interactive textbook to learn programming in Java.

Calculus and less

Calculator, Continuity Checker, Differentiator, Integrator, Function Plotter, Function Family Plotter, Root Finder, Sequencer, Serializer (these applets are integrated into Interactive Real Analysis)

Complex Analysis

ZMap[new], Poincare Puzzle, Poincare Pool, Fast Fourier Analysis[new]

Dynamic Systems

Population Dynamics[new], Mandelbrot Set, Bifurcation Diagram, Henon Attractor, Iterator (coming soon)


Hypothesis Tester[new], Central Limit Theorem[new]


Java by Definition

An Interactive Textbook to learn Java programming. Available online and for download. Requires the Java plugin 1.2 or better from Sun Microsystems.

Computer Science

Tower of Hanoi, Binary Search Trees,


Shark Attack, BlackJack, Breakout


ChatterBox Client/Server System, Quizlet