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Searching the Literature   Animated book


Once you find journal articles that are relevant to your topic how do you get the articles?


  • pdf files. If the full text is available in pdf format download the file to your computer and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the file and print it. (full-text databases only)


  • html files  If the full text is available in html format you can read the article in your Web Browser (e.g., Windows Internet Explorer) or save the html document as you would any web page (in Internet Explorer select File | Save as… , [full-text databases only]).


  • SHU Library. If the SHU library holds a subscription to the journal go to the library, locate the journal, and make a photocopy of the article.


  • Interlibrary Loan. If the SHU library does not hold a subscription to the journal, fill out an on-line interlibrary loan form to request a photocopy of the article, http://library.shu.edu/forms/illform.htm. Interlibrary loan requests can also be made for books.


  • email. Find the email address of the primary author and write to the author for a reprint of the article.  Most authors will provide complimentary copies of journal articles.


  • WWW. Here is a long shot. Some authors post their articles in pdf or html format on their web sites. Type the name of an author that writes on the topic you are interested in or type the key terms that you used for the database search in PsychInfo in a Web Search Engine such as Google (www.google.com).  Look through the hits for copies of articles that were published in refereed journals (they are usually in pdf format). If you are very lucky you may find the article, or more likely, a related article