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Sant' Angelo a Fasanella. 

My mother was born in this ancient town just a few miles from Corleto Monforte.

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In Sant' Angelo there is a grotto that is dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel.  The grotto was discovered in 1100 AD by Prince Manfredo. I remember when I was just 7 or 8 years old my Grandfather Michele Barone took me and my brother into the grotto to show us what he claimed to be the imprint of St. Michael's wings high on the wall of the grotto. I remember wondering why he hit the wall with his body- was he flying too fast and smashed into the wall? I do not know if the "wings" were painted by worshippers, or if my memory of the event is reconstructed (false), or if the paintings  were actually rupestrian (carved in stone) art that have been found in the region,  I have been told that archeological digs in this grotto yielded evidence of human presence from the early Paleolithic age (the oldest part of the stone age).



Raphael's St. Michael, Louvre, 1518




Residents of Sant' Angelo a Fasanella carry a statue of  the Archangel during a procession on  the feast day of St. Michael; my grandfather (also a Michael) is in the crowd.


Sant' Angelo  during the first millenium BC



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