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The Wedding of Rosario Vigorito (1881-1993) and Louisa Greco took place in the Niles, Ohio circa 1914.

 Identity of people in the photo

Angelo Vigorito


? ? ? ? ? ?

Antonio Vigorito


Grazia Reina Vigorito


Rosario Vigorito

 Louisa Greco Vigorito

Rosaria Reina Vigorito

Gennaro Vigorito

The portion of the Ellis Island Ship Manifest shown below indicates  that Gabriele and two of his sons Gennaro and Antonio (Nicolantonio) came to the USA together in 1914.  They most likely attended the wedding shown in the picture above shortly thereafter. Gennaro and Antonio were returning to the USA, listing their wives as the relatives they were joining in Niles Ohio.   The forth passenger traveling  from Corleto to Niles Ohio was Giovanni Di Ruberto. According to the manifest  it was Giovanni's  first trip to the USA and he was joining a cousin Luigi Vigorito of Niles Ohio.  Angelo Vigorito (far left in the picture),  also a son of Gabriele, arrived on Ellis Island with the ship The Canada in 1912 at the age of  18. Gabriele later returned to Italy while his sons remained in Niles Ohio.

Other Photos

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