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Giuseppe (Joseph) Giamportone, 1895 - 1984
Onofria (Anna) Giudice,1895 -1977

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Giuseppe' s Birth Certificate (Palermo, Italy, January 27, 1895)

Anna's Birth Certificate (Partinico, Palermo, Italy, April 6, 1895)

Giuseppe arrived at Ellis Island June 24, 1910 on the Ship "Tomaso di Savoia" with his sister Magdalena


May 22, 1904,  on  "The Patria",  Anna (Onofria) arrived at  Ellis Island with her mother Maria Cardinale, her brothers Pasquale and Epifanio, and sister Girolama.


He became a US citizen February 23, 1926


Anna's Alien Registration papers.
Note that the birth date is incorrectly listed as April 12,  Anna was born April 6.

Giuseppe & Anna were married August 15, 1915, Brooklyn, New York

Giuseppe's Death Certificate
May 17, 1985

Anna's Death Certificate
August 8, 1977

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