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Pictures of Corleto Monforte. 


chiesa.jpg (8334 bytes)The church of Santa Barbara is the oldest church in Corleto. The structure was originally built in pre-Roman times to dedicate Diana, the goddess of hunting (Corleto was rich in woods and game). When Christianity was introduced to the region the temple was expanded and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Santa Maria dell'Elice (as the church was called) and Santa Teodoro's church (see below) served as Corleto's first parish.   In the 1700s Santa Maria was rededicated to Santa Barbara and today it is still known as the Church of S. Barbara,


A second church that served Corleto's parish was Santa Teodoro built on "la punta diSt.Teodoro.jpg (84831 bytes) Corleto"- the towns highest point- around 500 A.D.  In 1974 all that remained were a few walls such as the one seen in this picture.   I am on the right next to my brother Louie.  I revisited the town in July 2006. This wall was the door to the church and the bricks that we are standing on here were removed. The entire structure  now has a protective roof over it.


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These two photos of me and my cousin Luigi at the "punta di Corleto" gives you an idea of Corleto's geographical position in the Alburni mountains.   The Lucani built Corleto on this mountain top to dominate the towns in the valley of Fasanella below. In 2006 this area improved with a very nice observation platform. For pictures of what the new platform looks like click here.

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Corleto street.jpg (15275 bytes)


This picture was taken from the top floor of nonno Luigi's house (July 1973). At one end of this "street" is St. Barbara's church. All the way up the other end of the street is the ruins of St. Teodoro church .






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