La Chiesa S. Teodoro.

During my previous visit here as a teenager my cousin Luigi took my brother and me  to see the ruins of this ancient church.  At that time the ruins were ignored and it was somewhat dangerous since the church is at the highest point of the town overlooking the valley.  You can see some of the pictures we took at that time by clicking here. The town  recently built a very nice observation platform and a protective roof over the church ruins.


San Teodoro

Door to the former church.

This church, built circa 500 AD, and the church of Santa Barbara once formed a single parish. But in 1763 after the death of the last pastor of S. Teodoro the church was no longer associated with S. Barbara and it was eventually abandoned. All that remains of S. Teodoro are a few walls and this portal. Santa Barbara, however, was rebuilt and renovated several times and continues to be the main church of Corleto today.

Close up of the top of the portal

Inside the 1,500 year old structure.

Recently a wood canopy was constructed over the ruins of the former church.

Only a small portion of the wall along the western exposure remains.

Diana near the remains of the west wall.

Side view of the S. Teodoro and wood canopy

The town recently built a viewing platform surrounding the entire structure.

You can walk down the the ramp to the observation platform which surrounds the church on the south and west walls. The view of the Fasanella valley from this platform is incredible.

View from the observation platform

Imagine what it was like on this spot about one thousand years before this church was built as the Lucani looked down on the Greeks moving into the valley below.

Sant' Angelo in the distance.

From this view you can see how Sant' Angelo is built along the slope of the mountain. The Norman castle in the center ("dentro la terra") separates the oldest section on the left at the lowest part on the mountain ("Basso la Terra") from the newest section of the town on the right ("Sopra la Terra).

Exiting the church structure.

On the house directly across from the church is a structure protruding from top of the wall. This is the exterior of an oven on the top floor. These ovens are no longer used by the home owners, having switched to modern ovens with propane gas.

Flowers along an outside wall of S. Teodoro