In the Valley near the Auso river and falls.

In the Fasanella valley there are several rivers. One river, the Auso, travels under Sant' Angelo and emerges out of the rocks forming a cascade.  The area is picturesque and tranquil.  There are also many Roman and Medieval ruins scattered along the river. Unfortunately the camera on my battery ran out so I was unable to take many pictures.  I guess I will have to go back some day soon to take more pictures.


The Auso river emerges out of the rocks from under Sant' Angelo.

This river merges with the Fasanella river which enters the Calore river. It was at the confluence of the Fasanella river and Calore river where the first Greek settlers built their homes.

The Romans built this bridge over the Auso.

Above the bridge to the left (just barely visible in the picture) are the ruins of a medieval mill. Several mills existed along this river.

The River continues down the valley.

A grinding wheel that belonged to one of the mills.

A small cascade on the Auso river.

View from the mill ruins.

Just visible is the observation platform and wood benches that was recemtly built. There are also several picnic tables nearby. I hear that there are many trout in these water. But it was the dry season, so the water flow was low.